Named and Shamed

  birdface 09:07 05 Nov 2011

Sun journalist arrested and named for making payments to police.

I was just wondering why there were no mention of any of the Police involved being arrested and named.

Seems a bit one sided to me.

  zzzz999 09:25 05 Nov 2011

amazing we have had no police arrested so far.

It always intrigued me when we were reading about the affairs and drug taking of celebs, etc that never at any time did we have newspaper reports of editorial staff of main newspapers indulging in such activity.

  bremner 09:30 05 Nov 2011

A police officer has been arrested

  birdface 11:59 05 Nov 2011

The others are all police officers.

So, not one-sided at all.

You could be right but it seams that the only person who has had his name leaked happens to be a journalist.

5 police officers 1 Journalist so not one sided.

  Forum Editor 13:06 05 Nov 2011

"it seams that the only person who has had his name leaked happens to be a journalist."

The Police refused to give his name, it was The Guardian which said it was 'understood' to be the Sun journalist, and it was confirmed by The Sun that one of its journalists had been arrested.

  birdface 09:18 06 Nov 2011

I have to admit I never new about the 5 police officers that have been charged that seems to be in the background without much publicity.

I new one had been charged and is due to appear in court again this month.

Now the question is it actually a crime to pass someones phone number over to others for a cash reward.

For me and you probably not for police officers probably, If it affects security to others.

Are the Newspapers within their rights in paying for that sort of information as they have probably done so since newspapers were invented.

I suppose once they start hacking into those phone numbers that is when the offense is committed.

Maybe the lack of headlines into the arrests or enquiries of police officers may have made the arrest of the newspaper journalist big news in my eyes.

Whatever has happened to the police force of today when they warn folk that they are going to be arrested the next day.Whatever happened to turning up unanounced to stop them from destroying evidence.

Not saying it happened this time but it did in the past with arrests concerning the same subject.

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