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Name your child Vista, too late it's been done.

  anskyber 17:40 12 Jun 2007

Much though I think Vista is a good operating system I don't think I'd name my child after it, someone has. click here

Football team are common and pop stars too, but operating systems?

  Forum Editor 17:55 12 Jun 2007

has a nice ring to it, and I'm sure she'll be happy with her name when she's old enough to think about such things.

Unlike Annette, the daughter of builder Bob Curten.

  TopCat® 18:00 12 Jun 2007

Goodnight Vienna then!

One consolation is that when she's sixteen she can legally change her first name(s) if she's so minded. My daughter did just that, from Lesley Jayne to Adrienne Jay! TC.

  knockin on 18:28 12 Jun 2007

I think it's absurd, and my daughter, ZX81, agrees with me

  Forum Editor 19:13 12 Jun 2007

which is more than the hundreds of thousands of girls called Chardonnay are ever likely to be.

  Legolas 10:01 13 Jun 2007

Si_L lol and also she will need patched every few weeks and I wonder if her parents will stop supporting her when the next child comes along;-)

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