The name of this old British Naval War Film?

  Brumas 22:54 14 Dec 2016

During the second war a Merchant ship was seconded to the Royal Navy for clandestine purposes.

I can't remember much but what stuck in my mind was all the naval officers thought it was quite a hoot and persisted in calling the repurposed cabins/staterooms by their original titles i.e. First Class Passenger's lounge or Cocktail lounge instead of the now, Naval terms e.g. Wardroom etc. etc.

The Captain, a bit of a Martinet insisted on full naval discipline and correct procedure, and had all the old civilian names, above the doors, taken down and replaced by the correct terminology and generally 'tightened up ship' much to the younger officers displeasure.

  Belatucadrus 01:08 15 Dec 2016

Who was in it ?

  Quickbeam 05:16 15 Dec 2016

I'm surprised I haven't seen it, I'm a sap for wasting wet afternoons watching obscure old British films.

Only last Saturday I downloaded Dr Terror's House of Horrors starring both Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee for good measure!

  Quickbeam 07:44 15 Dec 2016

Have you tried wading through the You Tube listings?


  Forum Editor 08:21 15 Dec 2016

I haven't had time to look through this - a timeline of WWII films - but it may yield something.

  Brumas 09:11 15 Dec 2016

Thanks everyone, shall check them all out and perhaps find a few more to save and watch at leisure.

  Brumas 09:11 15 Dec 2016

Belatucadrus, absolutely no idea at all, sorry!

  morddwyd 10:45 15 Dec 2016

I saw most of the old Ealing/Boulting Brothers era comedies (remember "The Baby and the Battleship", on last week? The saying "Pipe, sir?" "Pipe!" became quite a widely used phrase for a while!) bur this one passed me by I think, Brumas.

  morddwyd 10:58 15 Dec 2016

A story on similar lines which Brumas, at least, will appreciate.

When I was a training supervisor at RAF Halton we had a ex-RAF guy who had applied to re-join. I was tasked with assessing him to see what training updating he needed and what rank he should come back as.

I was most punctilious about calling him Mr Parker throughout his visit.

He was re-enlisted and some eight years later he was posted as a junior airman to my section at the base in Norfolk I had by then moved to.

For four years I invariably addressed him as "Mr Parker" much to his amusement, and to the anger and frustration of of the hierarchy!

Then they ask why I didn't get promoted for 25 years!

  Forum Editor 12:07 15 Dec 2016


I was in Wendover last week, and seeing RAF Halton brought back memories of my father - he was there in the 1930's

  morddwyd 17:42 15 Dec 2016

It must have been a lovely place between the wars, before it became a London "dormitory" town.

One of those places like Cornwall, Malta, Devon, Galloway, the Fens, the Highlands that people paid large sums to live in that I got to live in and got paid for doing so!

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