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Name That Book

  Joseph Kerr 11:17 20 May 2014

I asked this yesterday on another forum. Someone started a sort of "not so much off topic as no topic" thread so I thought "what the heck".

I lent the book out years ago, and there's no chance I'll see that copy again. The things I can remember about it would make you think it would be easy to find, but Google does not seem to be my friend in this instance.

It was written in the late 90s (possibly early noughties) by a European teenage boy who has, I think, cerebral palsy. It's a sort of memoir of his time in school, so I think it is non-fiction.

I'm having a think about who I could email for advice, but in the meantime, thought I'd try my luck here; any thoughts gratefully received.

  mole1944 06:19 23 May 2014

I know it's no help about the book but the kindness and help this forum gives members never ever ceases to amaze me.

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