Mystic Powers within the forum?

  spuds 10:34 29 Nov 2004

Recently the PCA clock as been a little bit erratic,with advanced timing.As it been fixed!.

A few moments ago I was posting a reply to a special offer Aldi thread, and a strange thing happened.At 10.15am I noted that Gandalph had a response listed at 10.22am. I sent my response at 10.15am and checking I could not see my response below Gandalph's, lo and behold, my response had jump the queue it was above Gandalph's post.My response was timed at 10.12am. Doe's this mean that we have a subnormal activity within the forum, or was it Gandalph's mystic powers!.

No, I have not been on the vino, this actually happened, before my blurry eyes.

Forum Editor-- Do you have the answer, to this strange but true event!.

  Sapins 10:51 29 Nov 2004

It's just a problem with the clock, they are working on it and do not consider it worth commenting on.

  Sapins 10:52 29 Nov 2004

In fact it looks like it's fixed, my post has the correct time:-)

  pj123 14:59 29 Nov 2004

Yep, I agree with Sapins. Looks like it's now fixed. I just posted and the time is correct.

  Forum Editor 16:05 29 Nov 2004

there you go.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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