Mystery Lights Over The Midlands UFO'S

  perpetual motion 15:48 19 Dec 2008

very intresting ufo's over midlands last night!!

click here

  newman35 15:58 19 Dec 2008

"Eyewitness Steve Randall believes defence officials will be very interested when they see the video."
Possibly... but let's wait and see first?

'Video' was only mentioned in the last line of the article?

  perpetual motion 16:03 19 Dec 2008

IF you belive in them it would be VERY intresting to know just WHY they let us see them.? cause i would of thought IF they do exsist surely theyd have the technology to be stelth from us..?

  spuds 16:21 19 Dec 2008

Its Christmas time, dare I suggest a laser type display, from some well meaning company or individual ;o)

  Coffee Adict 16:27 19 Dec 2008

Or Santa doing a training run.

  Forum Editor 16:33 19 Dec 2008

in a galaxy far, far away.

Definitely an alien craft, must be, no doubt about it.

  Al94 16:39 19 Dec 2008

I got very bad news for you all click here which might explain this!

  sunnystaines 17:03 19 Dec 2008

I am with Coffee Adict on this one he got a new sleigh in the credit crunch and got detected testing it out.

  Forum Editor 18:09 19 Dec 2008

rising in a fizzy drink."

Aahh... the mist is clearing. It's the office party season.

  perpetual motion 18:22 19 Dec 2008

FE lool liked the reply!

its not like you to joke about..? easy on the champs

  bluto1 19:07 19 Dec 2008

Coffee Addict & sunnystaines and me, all singing
"I'm a believer"

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