The mysteries of car insurance

  bumpkin 20:41 13 Jun 2016

My daughters car insurance runs out on the 18th june and she has the renewal notice at £498. I always end up paying it anyway so called them to do so, just one change to it as I wanted to put a personal number plate on it and was expecting to pay a change of details fee. This was not so, I was given a revised renewal of £462 which I was happy to accept but why I ask myself, same car. same risk.

  bumpkin 18:05 14 Jun 2016

Bazzaman, I am a named driver on her insurance but don't know whether that makes it cheaper or dearer. On another vehicle where I wanted her as a named driver It was cheaper for me to have ANY driver over 21yrs rather than just her and that was the same company. Confusing or not:-)

  Bazzaman 19:25 14 Jun 2016


This may go some way to explaining whey more drivers = less cost:

click here

Of course one should avoid "fronting" where a more mature driver takes out the policy (in their name) but, in practice it is their young sprog(s) that actually driver the car all or the majority of the time.

  bumpkin 21:57 14 Jun 2016

No need for me to "front it" nor have I ever done, so she now has her own 8yrs bonus something that people often don't consider if they choose the dishonest route, named drivers do not accumulate their own bonus. I don't even think that it is particularly expensive as it includes breakdown and recovery. What puzzles me is how they work out the premiums especially when it comes to occupations. For example is a Doctor more or less likely to have an accident than a Plumber.

  chub_tor 10:08 15 Jun 2016

It is a hassle I know but every year after the renewal notice comes in I check around with comparison sites and direct sites to see what they can offer. Then I go back to the original insurer and ask if they can match the price I have found.

Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't and then I switch.

My home insurance is also around that time so I always ask for a discount by buying both from the same company - again sometimes it works.

I have managed to keep my car insurance pretty constant for the past 5 years by doing this.

  hssutton 10:21 16 Jun 2016

After my annual visit to Specsavers I requested a very slight tint, but was told if I wear these at night my insurance would be invalid. I've searched the internet for confirmation, but so far cannot find any evidence to this effect, but plenty of places selling Night Vision Driving Glasses.

  BT 08:10 17 Jun 2016


Perhaps this goes towards explaining it

Tint density. Tinted lenses are graded according to the density of the tint, and all sunglasses should, by law, be labelled and show the filter category number. Lenses with light transmission less than 75% are unsuitable for night driving. Yellow tinted lenses are not recommended for night driving.

Glasses sold as "Night Driving Glasses" have quite a strong yellow tint. I have some but can't say I've really used them much. They do however seem to enhance contrast and cut down on glare. As I need to wear my Varifocals at all times its not really an option anyway.

  hssutton 08:56 17 Jun 2016

Thanks for the info BT. The specs I now use are the lightest 'grade' you can buy. I only use specs when driving as I find they help with 'Dry Eye'. Not sure if they meet the requirements of Lenses with light transmission less than 75%

  BT 17:56 17 Jun 2016

I think the 75% is the same that applies to tinted vehicle windows.

  bumpkin 22:20 17 Jun 2016

spider, as you say a minefield. My daughter wrote off one of my cars while being a named driver. As the policy holder I had to make the claim. She retained her bonus on her own car as she had not made a claim, she did give her company full details of the accident though which was her fault, no increase in premium for her.

Not having bonus protection myself at the time I expected a knock back but not so, I retained my full bonus after they paid out.

The whole thing strikes me as very random with a win or lose result (normally lose) irrespective of blame.

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