Myra Hindley Picture

  ulrich 21:08 24 Aug 2008

Myra Hindley video shown on Art and Culture at back of Olympic games video.

How typically British. What a shambles already.

  peter99co 21:55 24 Aug 2008

Revulsion on a page and I ask myself why the BBC have to show it as well. What has it to do with anything Olympic? Has the creator of the video some sick motive in mind. I fail to see any connection and hope never to see the image again if I can avoid it.

  €dstowe 21:58 24 Aug 2008

I'm sure there are huge numbers of British people who haven't a clue about Hindley, who she is or what she did, even less what she looks like. This seems to apply to the makers of the video.

  peter99co 22:17 24 Aug 2008

I think evil personified is the best way to describe the image and must bring back some awful memories to many who see it.

  dagbladet 22:24 24 Aug 2008

What video?

  ventanas 22:37 24 Aug 2008
  al's left peg 22:42 24 Aug 2008


surely there must be some people though that have commisioned these fools to make the video. They should of watched it before the whole world were able to view it. I tend to agree with Ulrich here and his point of us not being able to do anything right straight away.
I can't understand what a video with h a picture of that evil woman has to do with either the olympics, or being British. What an advert for us to be the next hosts.

  Forum Editor 23:11 24 Aug 2008

but it was a mistake, not the end of life as we know it - let's not overreact. I very much doubt if anyone outside the UK had any idea who it was, or had even heard the name Myra Hindley.

  ulrich 08:39 25 Aug 2008

To me it is some overpaid idiot not knowing what he is doing. Our country seems to be full of people making mistakes at the moment.

  jack 08:45 25 Aug 2008

The image came as a general scan through a museum- perhaps also[I did not see the vid nor wish to]fleeting images of other historical people with blood on their hands were shown too.
Go far enough back and it is simply history.
The biggest horror I feel is the Media and those others who like to draw attention to themselves making things worse than they need be.

  Forum Editor 09:35 25 Aug 2008

Our country has been full of people making mistakes for centuries, and so has every other country on the planet. Please try to get a degree of perspective on things like this. The story is a mountain being made out of a molehill by people who are desperate for a 'news' story of any kind, as fourm member rightly says.

The error wasn't remotely as serious as some people seem to be making out.

The problem nowadays is that we all have access to so much information, there's a tendency for some people to lose the ability to separate the meaningful from the dross. This story falls firmly into the dross category - forget about it and get on with your life.

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