My wife and I put our elder daughter .....

  Clapton is God 11:44 10 Apr 2011

.... on a plane at Gatwick yesterday as she flew off to start a new teaching job in Athens.

There were quite a few tears (and that was just Dad) as we waved her goodbye.

It was bloody painful for Mrs Clapton is God and me.

Have any other members experienced this sort of pain?

  Forum Editor 12:29 10 Apr 2011

I experienced similar feelings when I saw my eldest daughter off at Heathrow when she went to work in America. She was only there for six months, but it seemed like six years.

Thank goodness for the internet and video conferencing.

The pain fades. She'll be fine, and you'll be fine.

  rickf 12:43 10 Apr 2011

When my son went to uni to live independently for the first he had tears in his eyes when we were leaving. This of course caused a chain reaction. I still remember the feelings from almost 3 yrs ago. He is very different now and extremely independent. In fact it's quite difficult to get him to spend time at the family home nowadays.

  Forum Editor 13:03 10 Apr 2011

she didn't want to know too much about where and how we lived.

I think that's the thing. When your child is abroad for any length of time you start imagining what he/she is doing, where, and with whom. It takes an effort of will not to keep asking, and an even greater one to stop imagining.

In the end they're fine, of course, and you realise that you've raised an independently minded adult. I can remember that moment of revelation, after which I relaxed considerably. My girls subsequently went off to Thailand together, and I didn't worry at all - at least, that's what I told myself. They had a whale of a time, and that brings me neatly back to fourm member's mother's attitude.

  morddwyd 20:36 10 Apr 2011

There were no tears when our son left for Oz until I said, "Well the next time we see you you'll have come home to bury one of us!".

MY son and I laughed but the womenfolk took it a bit amiss.

There are different ways of tackling demons.

  flycatcher1 22:30 10 Apr 2011

Our eldest Grandson has been given (taken) a three month sabbatical. Started with the Paris Marathon today, solo three weeks in Japan from tomorrow, then month rail travel in Europe, then cycle Lands End - John o'Groats then three weeks cycling trip to Peru (with Father).

Tears in my eyes ? Too right - why didn't I do that.

Looking at the above he is going to end up with sore feet a sore behind and the chance of radiation sickness.

  Forum Editor 22:43 10 Apr 2011


It sounds to me as though he's going to have a great time.

  carver 08:39 11 Apr 2011

I think it's called being a parent, when my daughter started at UNI and we took her down to stay there I felt as if I had abandoned her.

It was only a 90 minute drive away but for the first time in 17 years we came home to an empty bedroom with no daughter in it, it's a very strange feeling to have.

Then she went and spoilt it by learning to drive and buying a car, we had her back every weekend after that with her dirty washing and a list of all the food she needed for the following week.

  flycatcher1 09:49 11 Apr 2011

FE Yes, he will have a great time. He felt that if he did not do those things before he was thirty he never would. My two daughters went to uni in London. As soon as they left we changed the locks on the doors and neither of them has lived at home since. Has this saved me money ? No!

  Clapton is God 14:43 11 Apr 2011


"Find out about the area and see if you can get a holiday there somewhere and visit her while you are there?"

I did that research about half an hour after waving daughter off at Gatwick. ;-))

  Clapton is God 15:58 11 Apr 2011



Do you want to explain what on earth you're talking about?

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