My wife has an interview anyone got any ideas?

  Autoschediastic 14:33 28 Aug 2011

Hi guys the wife has an interview with a Hospice for a Receptionist/Admin position she was under the impression it was a straight forwards interview but she has been emailed the following: In addition to your interview there will be two assessments as part of the interview process, one of which will be a telephone based assessment, and the other will be a computer based assessment.

Any ideas what these might be as in how can she be assessed on a telephone? does anyone think she would be thrown in at the deep end and start answering the switchboard?


  Nontek 14:53 28 Aug 2011

I can't imagine either assessment being too difficult. Telephone - probably mainly checking for Telephone Manner and handling of various types of call from the Public.

Computer based - I would expect just really Basic Typing skills, and knowledge of the computer keyboard functions.

Good luck to your wife!

  octal 14:55 28 Aug 2011

Quite often these days they carry out an interview on the telephone as well as in person, the last job I applied for did this, the agency interviewed me first before they put me in touch with the company, I suppose it's to weed out the people that they can't understand on the phone first. As far as the computer assessment it could be simple tests on typing speed, probably not too high speed as it isn't for a PA or secretary, also understanding XL and maybe data inputting.

  wiz-king 14:56 28 Aug 2011

Yes. The telephone one will most likely be for her manners and her voice, she wont be expected to know the switch board but it would help if she has used an automatic phone system, ie how to put a call on hold (and get it back!), how to transfer a call etc. The computer one could be on general use of word processing, databases and spreadsheets with an emphasis on any special software that is used for the booking and billing system.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:59 28 Aug 2011

A lot of firms use an initial Telephone Assessment its like a mini interview over the phone, helps to weed out those fully unsuitable.

Also it will assess her telephone manner which will be require as a receptionist.

Computer based could mean two things 1. Some tests are done on computer like hand to eye co-ordination test or even Maths and English tests 2. Could also be to find out whether she can use basic computer packages like word access etc. depending on what system they use at the Hospice.

anyone think she would be thrown in at the deep end and start answering the switchboard?

Possible kowing how short staffed most firms run nowadays but unlikely without some degree of training.

  Forum Editor 17:04 28 Aug 2011

The whole purpose of a telephone assessment is to get an idea of how a person comes across when there are no visual distractions - no body language, no idea of age,colour,dress sense, etc.

It gives the interviewer a chance to find out how a person will sound to incoming callers, and how well he/she responds to questions. Sometimes an interviewer will try to put the interviewee under a little pressure to see how that's handled.

I do quite a few telephone assessments on behalf of clients, and I'm often interested to see how different someone can appear in the flesh when I interview them in person after a phone session.

The computer-based assessment will be to determine your wife's level of computer literacy, as the others have suggested. It's not normally too taxing for someone who has a basic knowledge of how to operate a computer. Most organisations expect to give on the job training in their particular systems.

  Autoschediastic 20:04 28 Aug 2011

Thank you all guys!

Youve been little Gem's..

You really have helped us out here and we are very greatfull for all your time and replies!

Hope you have a lovely bank holiday.!

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