My way of comping seems odd, am I alone here?

  fleamailman 23:55 26 Apr 2006

Ok I reinstall the moment my comp gets malware, 45 minutes and all is working again, I don't do updates at all, I don't have an AV, I just have a rooter, a 6gb harddrive and a 40gb external harddrive, all the drivers on the comp are recognised by XP, mails are done on line so after 45 minutes the comp is new again, I have 10 or so processes running so malware is obvious. Even if I don't get malware I will reinstall once every three months at least. I wondered if I was alone here.

  TOPCAT® 00:02 27 Apr 2006

I suggest this would be better in the Helproom forum. TC.

  The Spires 00:04 27 Apr 2006

That's ok if you have a small amount of software on your pc, but it takes me around 8 hours without a break just to install & set my desktop pc up - even then I will still find things that are not how I like them. It's well over a year & a half since I did a reinstall & have no intentions of doing it again until Vista final is out. If I do hit any problems I have images going back many months. There has been no apparent slowdown of this Pc since I last reinstalled it.

  Forum Editor 00:08 27 Apr 2006

Your regime sounds odd, to say the least. To me, the thought of using webmail exclusively is anathema, and reinstalling Windows (and therefore all other software) every 12 weeks seems ludicrous, and is totally unnecessary.

Running a computer (one that has access to the internet) with no anti-virus software is foolhardy, and again I can see no rationale there at all. As for "I don't do updates at all" Words fail me, I'm afraid, but of course you have every right to behave exactly as you choose.

  wolfie3000 00:19 27 Apr 2006

Had to look up anathema FE and its something to do with cursing gods?

As for your setup fleamailman its insane but i guess each to there own.

  fleamailman 01:09 27 Apr 2006

Perhaps I am nuts even without the comp but the comp is fast, the rooter seems to take care of the Internet, and only having 6gb forces me to backup and as I said before elsewhere here if that harddrive dies so does all your data whereas if you have two external harddives(in fact I have four) any one of them could die this instant and the loss is minimal, now have a look at any malware forum you like, see how long it takes to remove malware with hjt logs, or see how it takes to save/reformat/reinstall/load with a 250gb comp, and what about sp2 and active X permisions and what if I want to transfer data quickly, what if I were called to somewhere for a week, what if the ms undate was wonkey like the last one, what if ms suddenly said the are not supporting XP now(like what they are doing for windows98). Well I knew that this idea would get attention but the idea is not, not trying to defend the comp(I would add something but look at the latest malware then, bet I can find a hjt log with what you recommend on it, if there were anything that worked there would be no malware forum), but more not having reason to defend the comp and leaving the comp simple. What really makes me laugh is that in the shop where I work I do my best to sell topend comps, big harddrives, recommending the latest updates, a reputable AV, etc., and in the evening I spend hours at the malware forums, where the victim will spend days(one recent case was exceptional in that it was two weeks!!)to get his comp cleared of malware.

  p;3 01:09 27 Apr 2006

I must be misreading this;no updating, no antivirus protection; and reinstalling items every few months? how do you know if you ARE infected, or even that you are NOT infected, even now?...if you download stuff how do you know it is clean?

  Devil Fish 01:27 27 Apr 2006

i reinstall every 12 to 18 months and some would say that is excessive

i have to agree with FE though having a pc on the net without any antivirus is foolhardy and with free ones available as well there is really no excuse

with a basic security suite that you could put together for free you would not have the need to install nearly as much

Antivirus click here
click here
click here

Malware Removers click here
click here

Antispyware click here
click here
click here

all the above are free to use and will help keep you bug free

Note only use one Antivirus as more than one will conflict Antispyware and malware scanners you can generaly have more than one installed

but unless you are collecting malware for reasearch purposes i would seriously consider some basic measures

  fleamailman 02:35 27 Apr 2006

(Hi P;3, long time no see)Infection stands out quite clearly when there are so few processes, I reformat the comp not so much against the malware but just to keep it fresh, I could just as well use Norton ghost. I don't have any programs. The rooter is a firewall to the comp, and the comp is firewall to the exteranl harddrive. Also, I have a hjt log copy of point zero if I feel something is amiss I could always download a use hjt again.

Thanks for the recommendations for the protection of ones computer, I can think of umpteen ways of protecting my comp and yet that is exactly what the malware makers think too, and the moment the protection becomes solid to the point where everyone is using that protection, it becomes the benchmark and along comes new malware, followed by new protection. I cannot see what is so hard in reinstalling the os when the comp is just an acess point to the Internet. Oh, and I should be honest here, I am interested in malware so if I am not busy I can try my hand at removing the malware, that is with the reinstall option there as reserve.

Anyway, I am in agreement with everyone here that if I had a harddrive of 250gb filled with data, umpteen programs and outlook express for the mails, I would be the running to fully protect myself so I do understand where you are coming from.

Gosh, I really am the only one then,lonely me.

  €dstowe 08:21 27 Apr 2006

Selfish is my opinion.

No A/V? "Infection stands out quite clearly"? Not necessarily.

You non-protected computer could be stuffed with hidden viruses all waiting to for the next time you connect to the Internet to spread their evil message to each and every computer they might become connected to.

Get real, man. Think what you could be doing to others.

  €dstowe 08:23 27 Apr 2006

- - - or is this a wind up?

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