My Voipfone just went cosmic! I love them.

  Z1100 00:10 28 Jun 2007

I use them for my business phone as it is a cheap but excellent alternative to a land line.I received an e-mail from them today, here it is...

Dear Kenny

Sick of Cold Callers?

We have a cure.

Next time you get a double glazing call and you need to find a way out of it, just say, “one moment sir, I have another call”, put them on hold, dial 166 and hit your transfer button.

After that, they are unlikely to leave your number on their list.

It’s also a free call.

Try it yourself – just dial 166 from your Voipfone.

(If you need to call it from BT, the number is 0870 9747418)

e-mail ends.

What follows when they are transferred is just priceless and I think you would need to listen to it for the 'Full Flavor' so I hope 0870 is free to call.


  Diodorus Siculus 08:29 28 Jun 2007

0870 is not free to call.

When you get a cold caller, why not say "No thanks, I don't need your product. I would be grateful if you could remove my details from your database. Thank you."?

Just remember these "cold callers" are simply people out there doing their job just like the rest of us.

  Z1100 11:09 28 Jun 2007

I expected that answer. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only person with a sense of humor.

Shame 0870 is not free like my 166 number.


  Cymro. 13:24 28 Jun 2007

You just said
"Sometimes I wonder if I am the only person with a sense of humor".

No not quite there are a few of us left on this forum, not many but a few.

  Forum Editor 17:56 28 Jun 2007

It's just that we don't all have the same sense of humour. Some of us understand that lots of people are employed by the telemarketing industry, and that many of them are only too pleased to be in full-time work, even if they do have to put up with people who think it's clever to play silly tricks on them.

I agree with Diodorus Siculus

  Forum Editor 19:17 28 Jun 2007

My daughter spent some time being one of "these leeches", as you so sensitively put it, and she didn't learn of anyone being "conned into parting with more money than the product or service being offered is worth."

She worked as part of a BT telemarketing team in Bristol, while she was at university, and what she did see was plenty of her fellow citizens coming out with the most incredible foul-mouthed abuse - often with a sexual connotation. She says that most of the people she worked with were decent, hardworking, and pleased to have the job. BT trained my daughter to be non-confrontational, and to respect the wishes of customers who didn't want to talk to her. She says she wishes that some of the customers had been trained to behave like mature human beings instead of juvenile idiots who thought it was a laugh to play silly games with her, and call her things that they should have been ashamed to say to a complete stranger.

You may be so self-centred that you "don't care how desperate their circumstances are.", but that's your prerogative - not everyone can pick and choose their job, and not everyone is so cynical as to believe that telemarketing callers 'don't care about the harm they do'.

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