My top ten favourite websites

  WhiteTruckMan 23:09 30 Apr 2012

Hi all.

I had the idea today to post my 10 favourite sites, along with a brief reason why. These are the ones I visit most often. I'd be interested in comments, as well as suggestions for possible alternatives (along with reasons why), and if anyone has a list of their own. Well here goes, in no particular order:

What can I say? google has become so comprehensive that the name itself has become a verb to many people. It can be a goldmine of information, just as long as you can ask the right questions

A little light relief in the rat race of life

There's a big wide world out there, and things are happening in it

When google flounders, you can always count on the talent here.

You just know that you've seen that guy somewhere else, but where?

It's good to get a different slant on the news than just aunties built in bias.

For when you just have to have it, no matter how obscure it is.

Online banking, lets me do just about anything I want to except download and print out my own banknotes!

Every month without fail I get a new wallpaper picture of somewhere in these isles, along with this months calender.

If you want a good deal on just about anything (lets face it, who doesn't?) this is pretty much a no-brainer.

I've deliberately not made the links active. I'm not touting for trade for any of them, merely telling people about them. Hope people like them.


  Bingalau 09:27 01 May 2012

I agree with WTM about Martin Lewis's site. I got a flight to Australia through it for £360 return to Perth (usually that is well in excess of £600). So to me it was half price and I jumped at it.

I also use the BBC site and read quite a few newspapers independently.

Dilbert... What in heaven's name is that? I will have to have a look now, but if it is a stupid comedy type thing then it won't be for me. I prefer serious stuff.

  john bunyan 11:28 01 May 2012


I agree with some of your sites - Google, PCA, BBC and thanks for the OS one. I regularly use for the best and most detailed weather forecasts; for statistics and info on countries; to check broadband speeds; for a bit of fun listening to old music on a Jukebox http// . I also have a site or two to do with school , military, old career etc. which are of interest only to myself. I do use wikipedia via Google quite a lot. Recently, following a link from a recent forum user I have added ship and aircraft tracking site like this one: Ship tracking

  BT 12:02 01 May 2012

For a little life relief I just love Simons Cat

Simons Cat

  interzone55 20:06 01 May 2012

Here's my most visited sites - not just for search, the provide my email, documents, and general news hub - not terribly popular here I know, but I communicate with a lot of friends there, keep up with news of bands and artists I follow, and I maintain a page on Factory Records. - used for posting videos on above facebook page along with - news obviously, plus sport - movie and TV news from a geeky angle - blog by a photographer who's work I admire and aspire to emulate - kind of an Internet Movie Database for books - obvious really - irreverent IT news - here

  Aitchbee 20:20 01 May 2012

alan14 - fantasticfiction...just checked out Stanislaw Lem ...I did not realise he wrote Solaris - thanks for that great linkless link!

  interzone55 21:42 01 May 2012


I thought they'd all automatically become links, but maybe the site needs HTTP:// at the start before it turns addresses into links

  Matt Bell 09:49 08 May 2012

I’m not gonna put them in order. My favourite websites are: YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, facebook, twitter, flicker, bbc, imdb, pcadvisor

  Condom 12:34 08 May 2012

Again I will not put mine in any particular order. I got into the habit of watching Al Jazerra when I was overseas as the BBC 24 news never gave any UK News. Their web site is also pretty good.

I use a mix of Facebook and Messenger to keep in touch with friends around the world with a preference for messenger and hotmail.

My Internet banking is of course a must as it is hard to visit your branch from 5000 miles away.

Discogs which is a wondeful site for people interested in music and seeing the detail behind releases in various parts of the world. Yes the Japanese do get an average of 2-3 extra tracks on their Cd's compaired to us in the UK.

PCA Nice to keep in touch with other users.

eBay for getting rid of lots of stuff I don't need but thought I did at one time.

UKSaabWorkshop Great for help with problems keeping an older Saab on the road

  finerty 20:01 11 May 2012

ahoy there sailor John Bunyan aye aye captain Bunyan

  john bunyan 20:08 11 May 2012


Why the "Hello Sailor"? Only one site was for tracking ships etc. What are your favorite sites?

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