My sincerest apologies

  Legolas 18:18 21 Jun 2006

I have just heard of the Father and son in Edinburgh and the man in Aberdeen who were assaulted because they were wearing England shirts. As a Scot I am disgusted by this and want to offer on behalf of all right-minded Scots my most sincere apologies, once again a minority of mindless thugs have put Scotland in a bad light. I will be cheering England on in there next game against Equodor.

  AngeTheHippy 18:23 21 Jun 2006

sadly, there are mindless thugs in all corners of the world; Football and football-related situations just seems to bring out the worst in some people, more than any other sport I think. I haven't seen the news this evening yet.


  Forum Editor 19:54 21 Jun 2006

live everywhere Legolas, and although your sentiments are undoubtedly appreciated it isn't necessary for you to apologise.

In one of the incidents a grown man punched a seven year old boy in an Edinburgh park because he (the boy) was wearing an England football shirt. There's very little one can say about someone who would do that kind of thing.

  Kev.Ifty 00:11 22 Jun 2006

We have our own fair share of scumbags here in England, prepared to attack people for the least excuse. Football is just one of many of them..

I would like to see all four British teams and Eire taking part. I would be behind each one of them.

Which team I would support when they came to play each other would be a difficult one. My Mother is from Dublin, I have some good Welsh friends and enjoyed some great holidays there. I am partial to a drop of the ole Golden Liquid (either spelling I'm not fussy! ) and have several friends from "North of the Border" Both Ireland and Scotland. So, erm, dont know.

As is I find I am only having to support two teams this time.

My Wife Is Dutch. So it's "COME ON ENGLAND" one day and "ORANJE BOVEN" the next.

What will happen if they do meet in the competition?

Well, I will be cheering for England.... I can go without for a couple of weeks ;-)

Thought you may find the responses to this story of interest.

click here

Best wishes Kev.

  mammak 10:56 22 Jun 2006

Sadly this kind of thing happens all over the country regardless of nationality,

I remmember my partner shouting abuse at the tv whiles watching an old firm game and my wee girl only five at the time saying daddy calm down it's only a game says it all really.

  spuds 11:36 22 Jun 2006

It doesn't matter what country that you live in or support. There will always be the set of people who result to violence if things do not go the way they think.No amount of apologies will stop that sort of behavior.

Perhaps if 'the system' would work in favour of the victim's,then some headway of preventing these mindless acts would prevail. Let the people who perform these cowardly deeds, make full recompense to their victim's and society. Name and Shame in the highest form, if necessary.

  johndrew 15:10 22 Jun 2006

There are times when some people feel their own credibility is in question as a result of the actions of others associated with them by birth, nationality or whatever. When this occurs it is not unreasonable for them to express their distaste and to disassociate themselves from such actions.

Whilst you may see no point - from your comments in much at all - that does not give you any right to imply that such people may not express themselves because you feel no necessity to do so in similar circumstances.

  johndrew 16:15 22 Jun 2006


And that is the point. You are entitled to decide on what `you` wish. However by `not being able...` you are also transfering that wish to others who may not want it as they have their own opinions and feelings.

Perhaps it is you who needs to consider the syntax of your views a little more carefully. It is one thing to express a view but another entirely in the manner in which that is carried out.

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