My shopping bag burst into flames

  wellshgit 20:43 30 Jun 2010

this morning. I decided to sit down on a bench in town while my wife and daughter raided the clothes shops. Before I sat, I noticed the man who had sat there before me had been smoking. I placed my plastic carrier bag containing some shopping on the ground in front of me. I began reading my newspaper, and suddenly my shopping bag erupted in flames. After frantically stamping out the flames, I had a look to see what could have caused such a sudden eruption. I had bought some steak that was packed in a tray sealed with cellophane. The tray had burned away almost half way along its length. After having worked as an engineer in a meat packing plant I know the tray is filled with a mixture of 75% oxygen and 25% carbon dioxide. So I think I must have placed my carrier bag on a still lit cigarette end which burned a hole in the bag then the tray, releasing the oxygen rich mixture, accelerating the burning.It cerainly added a bit of excitment to my day, but ruined my steak!

  peter99co 21:04 30 Jun 2010

Is that because it was to WELL DONE?

  Bingalau 21:06 30 Jun 2010

That must be a rare occurance.

  octal 21:08 30 Jun 2010

Thanks for the laugh, I like a bit of char-grilled steak.

  wellshgit 21:20 30 Jun 2010

It also scorched my wifes box of Special K lol.
But it shows how easily accidents happen.

  wiz-king 21:49 30 Jun 2010

Oh well, I bet the air was as blue as your steaK. *grin*

  mr simon 23:53 30 Jun 2010

You won't be making that misteak again in a hurry.

I'll get my coat.

  Strawballs 04:02 01 Jul 2010

That's why they should ban smoking in public places to many not responsible how they discard butts

  wiz-king 05:23 01 Jul 2010

Now if you had been using a green one click here you would have solved the problem by heat sterilisation.

  morddwyd 08:01 01 Jul 2010

I thought they packed perishables in nitrogen, as a dry, inert gas?

I would have thought an oxygen rich atmosphere would have hastened decomposition, or does it have something to do with maintaining a nice red colour?

  Quickbeam 08:05 01 Jul 2010

If they were packed in an inert gas, the bag would then be a self extinguishing bag. Send for a H&S assessor...

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