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  NIGEY 20:55 13 Aug 2008

Evening all,
Just a quick one if you don't mind folks,
Can anyone please tell me how you find your previous posts?
Thank in advance,

Nigey .

  GRIDD 20:58 13 Aug 2008

My Postings is right at the top, just below the yellow part of the PCAdvisor header "Expert Advise You Can Trusr"..........

  Forum Editor 20:58 13 Aug 2008

by clicking the link that says "My Postings", which is in the top right-hand corner of this page, underneath 'Expert Advice You Can Trust'.

  Forum Editor 20:58 13 Aug 2008

in stereo.

  Al94 23:11 13 Aug 2008

Who actually talks aout "Stereo" these days?

  JYPX 23:17 13 Aug 2008

I do.
2 channel audio is magnificent.
Look in the mirror to find out why.

  Forum Editor 00:03 14 Aug 2008

Who talks about stereo these days?

Well, people who know what it really means, and people who know about stereo photography, and people who work at NASA, and people who work in the recording industry.

Loads of people, including me, talk about it.

  UncleP 13:56 14 Aug 2008

'Stereo' - that's a musical term coming from the same Greek root as 'sterile', right?

  ened 14:08 14 Aug 2008

I must be getting old!

I have never noticed that link before!!!

It makes life so much easier.

  UncleP 14:10 14 Aug 2008

- but not the same as 'binaural', which refers to the noise generated by banging two metallic containers together.

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