My postings - query

  freaky 21:38 06 Aug 2006

In the last couple of days I have replied to two postings:-

a)Somebody had a a problem with McAfee.

b)Somebody mentioned a program to download titled TuneUp Utilities 2006, cannot remember the subject name.

I replied to each of these post's and now they have completely disappeared !

Has anybody else had a similar experience?

  SANTOS7 21:47 06 Aug 2006

postings move so quickly sometimes, have you looked on page 2 they might be there

  pat-212841 21:51 06 Aug 2006

Hi Freaky click here

  anskyber 22:37 06 Aug 2006

The shortcut to "Your postings" usually gets me there quickly, but this is a really dynamic forum so they can drop down the list quickly.

  BRYNIT 22:37 06 Aug 2006


If you click on Your postings top left this will show you all the postings you have replied too. It will save you having to look for them.

  skeletal 23:08 06 Aug 2006

Funny you should say that about the McAfee post. I was writing a reply to that and when I pressed “Post response” I got an error message along the lines that the link was not present. I then looked around and could not find it anywhere.

The person had made duplicate posts in “Speakers corner” and “Consumer watch”. It had disappeared from both, or, put it this way, I could not find either of them! I looked on both page twos as well, although when I started the reply, the original post was very near the top of page one, and all the other posts near the top had hardly moved position.

I had the strong impression it/they had been removed, although I did not think it was too contentious.


  Forum Editor 23:24 06 Aug 2006

as deleted. As to the reason - I'm afraid that's between me and the person who posted the thread.

  freaky 18:13 07 Aug 2006

Very mysterious !

What with the FE's post above, and nohope's link - my question has been answered. Many thanks.

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