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  Kev.Ifty 23:32 03 Feb 2006

I was wondering. How far back or how many 'My Postings' are available to us?

I can access over 400, going back to my very first post on the 24.12.03. I made the comment that i was new, so therefore a 'Virgin' and thought all we needed was 'Three Wise Men' and we'd have a Play (It was nearly Christmas!).

I really enjoy looking through My Postings, now and again, there have been some great reads over the years. So many thanks to FE and all.

One of my favourites...

click here

How far back can one go?

Cheers Kev.

  SG Atlantis® 00:21 04 Feb 2006

looks like you're winning this one....doh!


I have been a member since just March last year so I can go right back to then.

  rdave13 02:44 04 Feb 2006

Your original name?

  rdave13 02:46 04 Feb 2006

Oops a bit late for me. G'night!!

  watchful 15:48 04 Feb 2006

They did go back much further but were culled a while since for space reasons.

Thanks for the links, some of them are really funny especially the ones by Dorsai and Curlywhirly talking to themselves. There must be many with no responses but I'm sure the aforementioned gents have made up for it since as I've enjoyed many of their posts.

  Kev.Ifty 23:56 04 Feb 2006

It takes a lot of practise mate. You have been a member since March??? Don't worry, just knuckle down and with a lot of hard work.. I'm sure you can be up there with me.... ;-)

Rdave13. No. lignum vitae was not me. But i do wonder where the 'old' members have gone..

watchful.. Many thanks. Actually you are one of the Members that I make a point of reading posts from.

Along with Sapins,Gandalf and a few others. I find there are some people that seem to be able to reflect their character in their writing. I envy them. I wish I could.

I ain't got a clue how to finnish off this thread!! So thanks for answering.. If you have a favourite thread/post let us know. :-)

Cheers Kev.

  Forum Editor 00:24 05 Feb 2006

They're still here. Some of them login and browse without posting, and some of them now post under a different name.

Occasionally I spot a name that takes me back four or five years in an instant, and I can still remember some of the discussions we had that went late into the night.

  watchful 10:58 05 Feb 2006

I agree with your comments about character.(Hope mine isn't too bad!) especially after you've read a lot of posts by the same user. You feel you know what they are like in a way :o)

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