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My PC has a bug... quite literally!

  Quickbeam 18:46 27 Jun 2017

I'm just looking at a bug the size of a harvest mite that I thought was on the surface of the screen but is on the inside surface walking about... Has anyone else had this?

  wee eddie 18:52 27 Jun 2017

Thunder fly

  Teabag. 19:11 27 Jun 2017

You need to put in place a correct screen saver so it can find it's way out.

enter link description here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:03 27 Jun 2017

click here - heat - suction cups screen squeezing, best thing is probably leave it to see if it crawls back to bottom .


  Quickbeam 20:23 27 Jun 2017

It disappeared to stage right 5 minutes ago!

No encore required...

  bumpkin 20:32 27 Jun 2017

It disappeared to stage right 5 minutes ago!

Probably where its mate is waiting to multiply:-)

  Forum Editor 22:23 27 Jun 2017

That is why computer bugs are called 'bugs'. The term originated when Grace Hopper, an early computer pioneer, described the cause of a problem with an electro-mechanical computer that was malfunctioning.

A small moth had become trapped in a relay, causing it to fail. After that, anything which resulted in a software or hardware glitch was referred to as a bug.

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