My new (free) driving licence cost £130

  john bunyan 14:04 31 Jan 2010

I am of an age where you have to obtain a new, allegedly free driving licence. However if you wish to continue driving vehicles and trailers up to 8.5 tonnes and minibuses, you have to have a HGV type medical. Also the photo ( a common one with the passport ) only lasts 10 years. My doctor charged £110 for the medical and the DVLA £20 for the fact I needed a new photo. The licence lasts 3 years so costs between £43.33 to £36.66 per year depending if you need a new photo. Fair enogh I suppose, but just to drive a sligly bigger vehicle on occasions?

  g0nvs 15:35 31 Jan 2010

I renewed my HGV licence 4 years ago . Although the licence was free the medical exam (all of ten minutes) at my GP cost £175. I dread to think what it will cost next time.

The important question to ask is why is there no set fee for this exam ?

  sunnystaines 16:56 31 Jan 2010

sounds a very extensive medical to cost so much what do they do

  BT 17:07 31 Jan 2010

Because Doctors do it as a Private consultation and as such can presumably charge whatever they wish.

  john bunyan 17:17 31 Jan 2010

Test urine for diabetes, eye test, including periferal vision, Blood Pressure, Height / Weight, Pulse, Check circulation in feet, Listen to Chest etc,etc. review medical history, pulse, listen to heart, ecg if neccessary ( not in my case). I suspect they would be aware of any mental condition! You can download the test from DVLA if you want - I think D2 is a reference.
Considering there is no medical for older drivers continuing to drive a car up to 2.5 tonnes, it seems a bit OTT, but then others imply that all older drivers are ga - ga. I humbly submit that having driven well over 2 million miles and being quite keen that my driving is safer than most 18 - 25 year olds!!

  sunnystaines 17:38 31 Jan 2010


seems dear for what they did

  john bunyan 18:28 31 Jan 2010

Yes. But difficult to beat with little competition. I think at my age it is a similar price for a diving medical if you want to SCUBA dive in Australia , or even for an Australian tourist visa.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:47 31 Jan 2010

can be performed by any GP. BT is correct in that it is a private matter between you and the doctor. Prices vary enormously, and I cant believe I have to say this to any frequent user of this site, but

- pauses for dramatic effect -



  john bunyan 20:12 31 Jan 2010

" SHOP AROUND!! ". I do , normally. In this case my GP has my medical history and shopping around was a bit difficult.Also, on the day we were snowed in so I just paid up!! I used to be resposible for spending a lot of money buying (multi millions) for my company and I can assure you I usually even bargain for better prices even in retai shops! Thanks for the thought, though - what, if you don't mind saying, did you pay last?

  WhiteTruckMan 21:13 31 Jan 2010

I paid £60. It was at a surgery 20 miles from home, that I rang up (after some googling) and booked an after hours appointment. It should have been £68, but the doctor didnt have any change for a 20, so he just pocketed 60 and waived the rest. And no, he wasnt my regular doctor, never seen the guy before or since.

Like I said. Shop around. the timing of this is dictated by one's birthday. Its not like anyone is randomly selected out of the blue for it, its entirely predictable.


  spuds 21:41 31 Jan 2010

As WTM as suggested-'Shop Around', because GP's do have a vast range of prices that they consider 'reasonable'. The same could be stated for holiday insurance medical referal cover for the older person.

Talking about age, some alarming facts have recently been uncovered at our Crown Court, when a 75 year old 'long distance' HGV driver was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving. Evidence that was available, as still not determined whether the driver fell asleep, or was not consentrating sufficiently. His defence was that he had been driving for many years, and was still capable of doing the job. But on this occasion it caused the death of two people.The judge as told the HGV driver, that he as to return to the court in February for sentencing, which will be a custodial one.

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