My name's Jeremy, Jeremy Bond (Sorry Corbyn)

  john bunyan 13:52 18 Feb 2018

The right wing press are highlighting Corbyn's meeting with a former Czech spy. Whether or not there is anything in it, why does he and Mc Donnell have such a history of meeting such people? They have defended the IRA, met Cubans convicted in the US, praised Venezuela and brushed aside killings in the Chinese "Great Leap Forward". At the very least it shows a huge error of judgement as it was clear the guy was a plant.

The young seem to not be bothered by all this , just as Trump seems to have voters who accept his appalling behaviour to women and support for the NRA wanting to keep assault rifles legal.

Is it just that people are not bothered , or do not research the issue?

Sky News

I did not link to the Mail, Express etc, but note the silence from left leaning organisations, and also the BBC

It is a shame that people like Rees Mogg on the right, and McDonell on the left are pulling the centre ground that many of us inhabit, apart.

  canarieslover 14:09 18 Feb 2018

At another time this would probably been seen as treason in the same way as Philby & co. If MI5 knew about it why was nothing done? Perhaps they wanted Corbyn as a double agent?? The mind boggles.

  bremner 14:26 18 Feb 2018

Corbyn has always been a rebel, a rebel who in his wildest dreams never believed he could be the leader of the Labour Party and potentially PM..

His past is and will continue to bring bad news stories. Will it matter only time will tell.

  Archie44 15:45 18 Feb 2018

I have Brooke Bond Tea please with milk and two sugars ta

  Archie44 15:46 18 Feb 2018

I guess the old spying days are gone

  Quickbeam 18:33 18 Feb 2018

"The young seem to not be bothered by all this"

It's ancient history to the young, they're more concerned about the lack of opportunity and the evaporation of employment rights today.

That's the nature of the democratic swing in action...

  john bunyan 17:40 19 Feb 2018

I know the Mail is said to be biased, but why doesn't Mc Donnell and Corbyn sue them for slander if the story is untrue? Now KGB is mentioned

href allegations

  Quickbeam 17:51 19 Feb 2018

Maybe they don't read the Mail!

  rickf 20:48 19 Feb 2018

Has this forum become a subsidiary of the Daily Mail. Pray tell what is the going rate. I might try my luck and apply for a slot there too.

  Teabag. 22:28 24 Feb 2018
  Aitchbee 23:10 24 Feb 2018

A Tory MP has been forced to issue a grovelling apology and to make a “substantial” donation to charity after making false claims about Jeremy Corbyn’s links with communist spies.

See Teabag's link above.

Edited to remove a sweeping and offensive statement. FE 13:33 25/02/2018

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