My mother sent the same xmas card to Dad for about

  v1asco 17:43 07 Nov 2006

20 yrs, anyone else have a tradition like that?


My ping-pong Fairy I made still goes up, I made it when I was 5, 51 yrs ago. It still lives in a very old (empty) box of Bourneville chocs.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:49 07 Nov 2006

Tight is the word that springs to mind.


  Altruist 18:13 07 Nov 2006

I've heard of that about the Christmas card before. I have a decoration that my late son made that goes on the tree every year and keep all the decos in a 40yr old Cadbury's Smash cardboard box.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:45 07 Nov 2006

Overpriced printed, thin cardboard.

  Forum Editor 19:15 07 Nov 2006

the first Christmas thread.

  v1asco 22:34 07 Nov 2006

There was I thinking at last I've come first in something!

To be honest it was Z1100 thread that made me think of mine.

& Gandalf I'll take your reply as being light hearted even though it doesn't come across as such. If my Father would have been more generous on a Pay day he may have had a card. Come to think of it when Mam started runing the household budget he did get one. The old one was a bit wrecked. Believe she may have got a bit of mileage out of the second one.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:42 07 Nov 2006

my home made blue peter christmas fire hazard, made from some tinsel wrapped wire coat hangers, with candles at the corners that I have more sense than to light. Every now and then I dig it out to show the kids just how poor we were when I was a kid. But they never believe me...


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