My local dump to encourage fly tipping

  mrwoowoo 23:05 07 Jul 2009

At present,if your vehicle is too high(as mine is) you can use the barrows provided to wheel in your waste.
As of the 20th july my local dump or household waste site is to ban any waste from being walked onto the site.
This effectively means that i can no longer use the tip,as my only vehicle is too high.The only alternative is an 20 mile round trip to another site which lifts their barrier two days a a week.
Surely it's a relatively easy task to see if it's a comercial or trade waste vehicle that's unloading outside the compound.
I have a feeling that a lot of people will be tempted to dump their waste wherever they can rather than drive the 20 miles now needed.
I did ask what the reasoning behind it was and got the reply "no idea"
Can someone enlighten me?

  spuds 23:38 07 Jul 2009

There is nothing new about this ruling, so it would appear that your local dump is progressing on its administration methods!.

Our local dump as had for ages, a licence procedure for certain vehicles and trailers, as to regards about usage, and whether there would be a charge, depending on the council's and the contractor's consideration as to trade and public.

Regarding the wheelbarrow issue, it was noted recently in media reports, that one council stopped a local resident using a wheelbarrow 'due to health and safety reasons. Our local dumps are all 'contracted-out' and the health and safety issue seems to be used on a very regular basis, as to why the site staff cannot offer any help or assistance with unloading :O(

  crosstrainer 23:47 07 Jul 2009

This happened to me recently. I took a few bit's and bob's of electronic waste in a Land Rover Discovery to a local tip.

As you mentioned, height restrictions prevented me from entry.


Turned around, drove back to Cardiff (about 60 miles) then was accepted in the refuse sight on the bay.

If HMG are serious about re-cycling, then make the damn job easier please!

  laurie53 09:41 08 Jul 2009

Trade/illegal dumping is easily controlled using CCTV.

  Chegs ®™ 10:59 08 Jul 2009

Every time our council changes the rules on waste disposal,there's an increase in the amount of fly-tipped rubbish in the wooded area at the end of my street.The local beck also suffers with bicycles & matresses thrown in.I dont blame the rule-makers for this unsightly mess,I blame the ignorant gits that think the rules dont apply to them and I get great satisfaction when the local paper reports "x" has been fined for dumping though I do wish the courts would make the fine massive instead of a measly £60 or so.

  egapup 17:27 08 Jul 2009

Our local council stopped the near-by re-cycling centre ( dump ) from selling stuff, they just seem to delight in making life difficult.

  Quickbeam 18:01 08 Jul 2009

"Trade/illegal dumping is easily controlled using CCTV."

What, by placing a camera on every field access, layby, country lane, park gate, carpark, beauty spot, etc, etc...£?

  mrwoowoo 18:45 08 Jul 2009

laurie53 was refering to the trade/illegal dumpers that pull up outside the dump in their works vehicles and walk the waste in.

  polish 19:45 08 Jul 2009

my council issues six passes for six months so that i can take my van into the tip i had to register vehicle details marking etc but seems to work ok although the passes are per visit not the whole day.

  2bathred 21:52 12 Jul 2009

What, by placing a camera on every field access, layby, country lane, park gate, carpark, beauty spot, etc, etc...£?

If you look carefully there could be one of the 3 million CCTVs there already.

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