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My home town is in the news..

  Stuartli 18:40 15 Mar 2009

..with a great success story:

click here

  Pineman100 18:50 15 Mar 2009

Well done him.

But as soon as I read the first of his five tips for success, I knew it wasn't for me.

Work hard. :o(

  oresome 19:05 15 Mar 2009

I remember many years ago a colleague telling me that through his family he knew many people in the most expensive suburb of town.

He told me then that the vast majority of these people made their money by buying and selling.

It seems like it's still the key to riches.

  Stuartli 20:47 15 Mar 2009

That's how Sir Alan Sugar started...:-)

  Stuartli 21:09 15 Mar 2009

How much are your house and car worth?

  Al94 22:29 15 Mar 2009

It's a gross colour Ferrari so I'm not a bit jealous!

  Forum Editor 22:48 15 Mar 2009

Anyone who starts from nothing and achieves that kind of material success must be doing something right.

I'm not sure I would spend over a quarter of my first million on a couple of cars, but each to his own.

  Stuartli 22:53 15 Mar 2009

I was being somewhat sarcastic - I wasn't really asking for you to detail their value...:-)

>>..which will be worth less than he owes on it.>>

How do you know that for a fact?

Remember, to be able to own such expensive cars and property you have had to earn a considerably larger amount of money, out of which you have had to pay tax, insurance etc and pay living expenses.

I would suggest that this success story is a real inspiration, especially in view of the current financial situation.

  Stuartli 23:04 15 Mar 2009

>> have had to pay tax, insurance etc >>

I mean, of course, income tax.

  Quickbeam 17:51 16 Mar 2009

Not many would choose to keep their million pounds as a stash of paper notes... it makes the mattress lumpy for a start.

  Stuartli 18:39 16 Mar 2009

One swallow doesn't make a summer..:-)

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