My Hatred (A RANT)

  omega-13 22:46 10 Sep 2005

Why, when you go to register at some free sites like this one etc do they insist on giving them all your details name,age,address tel no. etc... e-mail address i can understand but not my life story and scroll down and see the chk boxes to see if you want them to send you stuff 1 they think you would like.2 have other companies send stuff you like or 3 send you stuff form who knows where and when you don't want it they still have all your details anyway for spam thru the post or internet, whats it all for some giant consumer database to make my life easier, i doubt it, more like spam. from now on only fake names and addresses will i use + my spam account and thats it, damn them

  VoG II 22:49 10 Sep 2005

So why did you bother to register?

The site offers free help 24/7.

Is it so difficult to tick a few 'No' boxes?

  octal 22:58 10 Sep 2005

I've never had spam attributed from this site, I fact I've never had spam from any site I've registered with, and that's a fair few.

I personally think you are on a wind-up, as VoG™ says, why did you register here. Seeing as you have, welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay.

  omega-13 23:06 10 Sep 2005

should have put for generalised free sites not specified at this one, merely an opinon of the form filling that wants all your details before you can join and you can only join by filling in the boxes marked with an * which is good giving my personal details out to faceless people to store in a database i have no control of, my view its the same as giving a complete stranger that come to your door your name, address and date of birth and hope he does not use it for fraud.

  octal 23:16 10 Sep 2005

Well, what can I say? I honestly think if you feel that way you should make your way to the island of St. Kilda just west of Benbecula in Scotland, I hear its empty at the moment, you won't be troubled there.

Seriously though, your name and date of birth is plastered all over the world in various databases, so why worry? Life's too short, just get on and enjoy this site, its very friendly and helpful.

  rdave13 23:34 10 Sep 2005

Totally agree with octal...all our details are stored somewhere with someone anyway (Gov. comes to mind) and other credit facillitators.

Just relax and to hell with the rage...;))

  Forum Editor 02:01 11 Sep 2005

As I understand it you want to have access to all the free resources on the internet, but you don't want to provide even the most basic information about who, or where you are - is that it?

As for the 'faceless' people who run these sites - what about the equally faceless people who join them, do you think they should have an automatic right to get everything for nothing? Big sites with lots of visitors (like this one) cost a small fortune to run, and it's not much to ask that you register before you can enjoy the facilities, is it?

As for using a fake name and address - perhaps you would like me to delete your fake persona, then you wouldn't have to worry, would you?

  p;3 09:20 11 Sep 2005

a lot of sites do ask a lot of questions; I have gone to one recently that did that, and ended up not registering, as decided the detail was really not necessary;a valid e mail address is needed to receive and respond to the confirmatory mail you may be sent to validate your membership;this site really wants "live" people and not a robotic machine on the other end replying to queries; if it was a machine that is tying this (may well be too!), then lord knows what ridiculous computer suggestions might be generated that would crash a pc and cause unspeakable damage ; everyone on this site , from the complete newbie to the experienced guru, gives of their time and tallents completely free;

maybe by now F.E. has decided to remove you from the database; if you are going to use a fake name and address, then really how can F.E., as Forum Editor, guarantee that , by allowing you to post on here, that your postings will be a genuine attempt to help and assist your companions on this board?

  omega-13 11:02 11 Sep 2005

A lot of sites use a script that you have to copy into a box to make sure that people don't use bots
also as to a guarantee that a post will be a genuine attempt to help and assist,well you just have to decide for yourselveswhen reading and prehaps trying a helpful tip, which goes for anyone who uses on-line help forums.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:59 11 Sep 2005

I fear that you are raving bonkers and totally paranoid with an inflated sense of your own importance. Why would anyone be remotely interested in your address etc? You can delete spam and you are on the electoral roll. /sigh.


  Forum Editor 12:14 11 Sep 2005

What on earth are you talking about?

"A lot of sites use a script that you have to copy into a box to make sure that people don't use bots also as to a guarantee that a post will be a genuine attempt to help and assist"

Please explain what this means - I can't make any sense of it.

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