My father and his dental anomaly.

  Blackhat 14:53 11 Jul 2018

Hi Guys, this is a true story which has happened over the last few weeks. My father is 87 years old, he wears a couple of small partial dentures for losses due to decay over the last 20 years. He woke up one morning with toothache, after probing with his tongue he found it to be more gum sensitivity than tooth, upper front. Over the following week the pain intensified to the point where it was too uncomfortable to wear his upper denture & he started on pain killers. One day he had a sudden overwhelming pain that lasted about ten minutes & died off. The next morning most of the pain had gone and he felt something sharp with his tongue, sure enough a new tooth was erupting in the space left by an extraction 20 years ago. All the pain subsided and by week 3 there was a new tooth. He manually adjusted his denture to accommodate.

I have spent time trying to find similar, but most searches only relate to people in their 20’s or 30’s. Nothing anywhere about an 87-year-old growing new teeth. Can anyone shed any light on this, before you ask my farther does not want any publicity, he does not want to attract interest from dental forums & wont allow me to take photos, he has a complete distrust of social media.

  wee eddie 16:27 11 Jul 2018

I'm 72 and have one coming.

It was started off by the removal of a molar and is coming out at an angle. Discussed it with my dentist and will not remove it unless it becomes a nuisance.

  Govan1x 18:12 11 Jul 2018

Well if teeth can still grow at 70 or 80 years old surely there must be a way of making them grow at an earlier age.

A lot of money to be made for the first person that invents a way of growing new teeth.

At one time I thought that I had one growing but it was an old bit of root that the dentist had broke when extracting one before.

It would be brilliant if that could happen and I could eat a bit of steak again.

  bumpkin 21:58 11 Jul 2018

I am over 60 and have a new one growing. Dentist sais unusual but it can happen.

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