My English has gone all odd again.

  Snec 11:31 28 Jan 2010

It happens every time I've been speaking French for a while. I have just returned from Paris and in my own village I've just told a local "I am comfortable with weather which is rainy".

I wonder, does this happen to anyone else?

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:43 28 Jan 2010

I speak not in strange way when Polish people at work I have with been.

  peter99co 12:22 28 Jan 2010

Some people talk rubbish most of the time. A lot talk rubbish in different languages as well.

  ventanas 15:44 28 Jan 2010

I remember once asking a Spanish speaker (who had been in England for many years) over the phone what the weather was like. (¿que tiempo hace?)
She replied by telling me the time.

  shellship 16:41 28 Jan 2010

In about 1950 my big sister went to a school in Switzerland where they were not allowed to speak any language but French and she was there for 12 months. When she came back she often broke into French and when asked why said she now thought in French. So, Snec, are you now thinking in French/

  Snec 12:34 29 Jan 2010

Yes that must be the reason but I'm back to the more normal... "I don't mind the rain", rather than sounding like Poirot.

Yes, I know he's not French lol.

  Simsy 12:51 29 Jan 2010

to see family, I find I quickly talk, "American". i.e. I'll talk about "gas" instead of "petrol" ect... I do it within a day of getting there...

When I get back home however, it usually takes me a few days to adjust back.

perhaps jetlag plays a part, which I don't find a problem going there, but do coming back. (And I'm used to time changes, having been a shift worker for over 30 years!)



  Legolas 13:30 29 Jan 2010

A friend of mine has lived and worked in France for almost 20 years. He works as part of a missionary society and when he returns to Scotland to visit his parents he is usually asked to speak in our local church, on more than one occasion whilst speaking he has had to ask the congregation the name of something as he cannot remember the english for it. He says it takes him about a week to stop thinking in French and then translating into English. He told me his French friends say he has a Parisian accent I think he is quite proud of that.

  Forum Editor 18:19 29 Jan 2010

When I go to Australia I find that within a day of stepping out of the aircraft I sound less like me and more like them. It's almost impossible not to do it, and I'm reassured to hear I'm not alone in my madness.

  Simsy 19:47 29 Jan 2010

You are surely alone in your MADNESS... just that some of us share the same traits!



  ashdav 21:02 29 Jan 2010

I have the same problem.
I've been living France for the last 2 and a bit years and when I go back to the UK I confuse people in shops as my default has now become "Bon jour, avez vous..."
C'est la vie.

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