My Current Playlist on Winamp.

  Big L 266 10:45 16 Dec 2010


After 6 days of feeling off with my 'arfur' and 'fibro', I thought I would 'cut and paste' a list of cheerful tracks I've just played.

Hope you like them.....

1. Russ Conway - Pepe (2:18)
2. Russ Conway - Liverpool Pops Part One (2:51)
3. Chelsea Pensioners with The Choir Of The Royal Hospital - Jerusalem (2:36)
4. Russ Conway - China Tea (2:07)
5. Charles Aznavour - The Old Fashioned Way (3:09)
6. Russ Conway - Party Pops No.2 Part One (2:50)
7. Buddy Holly - Learning The Game (2:14)
8. Russ Conway - Polonaise (2:44)
9. Jingles Various Jingles - Lively Companion (Long Version) (0:41)
10. Vera Lynn with Geoff Love & His Orchestra - Land Of Hope & Glory (New Recording) (2:58)
11. Russ Conway - Trampolina (1:45)
12. Simon May Orchestra - EastEnders Theme (New BBC TV version 2009) (1:10)
13. Various Artists - Original Theme-"Thames TV Logo" (0:06)
14. Various Artists - Original Theme-"ITN News" (0:49)
15. Various Artists - Original Theme-"Captain Pugwash" (0:23)
16. Various Artists - Original Theme-"News At Ten" (0:27)
17. Vera Lynn with The Mike Sammes Singers - Do You Hear What I Hear? (3:13)
18. Russ Conway - Snow Coach (2:08)
19. Frankie Laine - Making Memories (2:57)
20. The Central Band Of The Royal Air Force - 633 Squadron (2:42)
21. Frankie Laine - The Wayward Wind (3:04)
22. Geoff Love & His Orchestra - Theme From Elvira Madigan (3:28)
23. Frankie Laine - You're Breaking My Heart (3:08)
24. Barry Gray Orchestra - Thunderbirds (2:34)
25. Bud Flanagan - Dad's Army (Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr. Hitler?) (1:08)
26. Barry Gray Orchestra Vocals Gary Miller - Stingray (1:56)
27. George Martin - Theme One (2:24)
28. Henry Mancini & His Orchestra - Theme From "Cades County" (2:03)
29. Jingles Pams Jingles - Pams Sonowaltz Without 'Big L' Vocals (1:37)
30. Sam Fonteyn - Please Sir (1:55)

Big L 266

  peter99co 11:11 16 Dec 2010

Desert Island Discs only allowed 10. Which would you take?

  Big L 266 11:19 16 Dec 2010


peter99co....Out of this batch,I'd take tracks 3, 5, 10, 17, 18, 20, 24, 25, 27 & 30. If you said choose 10 from my cd collection of over 41000 tracks, I'd be stumped!

Big L 266

  Quickbeam 11:20 16 Dec 2010

My Media Player playlist is the entire CD collection on HD on random play.

  Big L 266 11:27 16 Dec 2010


Quickbeam....I can do random play on Winamp and Realplayer but it sure throws up an odd mix of music, adverts, jingles, documentaries, classical excerpts, pop, etc. which don't always gel very well. I do my own 'Sounds Of The Sixties' and mix a complete Top 20/30/40 with appropriate jingles and adverts of the period. Then I send them to my headset in the bedroom via my dongle and have a lay down to hear them.

Big L 266

  Clapton is God 12:25 16 Dec 2010

After listening to that selection I'd be ready to slit my throat

  Big L 266 12:43 16 Dec 2010


Clapton is god....I also like the Moody Blues, Free, various Eric Clapton incarnations, Beach Boys, Beatles, Kylie Minogue, McFly, Rumer, Magna Carta, Beverley Knight, Take That, Christina Aguelera, Buddy Holly, Foreigner and Motown from the 1950s,1960, and 1970s etc as well dear boy.

Big L 266

  QuizMan 19:33 16 Dec 2010

Sorry Big L 266, but I don't do playlists. I like to listen to CD's or MP3 albums all the way through. That will include some superb tracks and the dodgy ones too (makes me appreciate the former all the more). Although I am in my 60's, I prefer modern stuff and current favourite in The Decemberists' Hazards of Love album. It is a great story told to rock music.

  Quickbeam 08:15 17 Dec 2010

It's strange how after decades since I had 'Band ON The Run' on vinyl, that when I played the remastered reissue I instinctively knew which song was next and what the opening chords sounded like. That's because in the old days you put the record on and then retreated to listen in full, it was too much trouble to get up and manually select a desired individual track from the grooves.

Most of the older albums that I re-bought on CD are in my memory like that, ones that I bought originally on CD haven't done so as I can sit and use the remote to play them out of order.

  Big L 266 08:59 17 Dec 2010


Quizman & Quickbeam....

I used to listen to vinyl albums all the way through as well. It was the only way to learn all the tracks and lyrics to have a sing with. The albums I bought when I first started work back in 1970 were mainly Moody Blues albums. Their 'core 7' were issued in 'back-to-back' formats in which as one track faded out the next one would fade in. An interesting ploy used by Deram and Threshold Records back then. Even the remastered cds are like this and its hard even for a music programme to mix different tracks when being fed through an add-on 'mixer'.

Theres nothing wrong with a lot of new music of that I'm sure of. The Hurts album 'Happiness' was a surprisingly great listen as it was introduced to me by a friend. I also like the new Cheryl Cole album 'Messy Little Raindrops'. Even Susan Boyles' album 'The Gift' is a well-crafted and excellent album.

Despite what 'Clapton-is-God' may think of my playlist above, I also like the complete Beethoven Symphonies as performed by the Berlin Philharmonic under Karajan from the early 1960s and the Dvorak Symphonies under the Scottish National Orchestra with Jarvi. My all-time favourite classical pieces are the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No.2 and the Debussy 'La Mer' with Ravel following a close third.

Its good that I have all this music to play as I believe in the widest variety of styles. I enjoy my music - when I feel well - and can usually rustle up a decent playlist. It was so sad that I had to sell it all some years ago, but I did rip the entire collection to computer (and three backups) before selling them on eBay to pay off my debts at the time. At least with my expensive Asus Xonar soundcard I can hear them as though I still had the cds.

Big L 266

  canarieslover 09:00 17 Dec 2010

I'm with QuizMan on this. I have always played albums right the way through. If that's how the artist wanted you to hear their music then that is how you should listen. As for Big L 266's playlist all I can say is that it wouldn't have been used on Radio London!!!!

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