My Claim to Fame

  amonra 20:58 16 Sep 2008

Whilst stopped in a rest area in Montana recently, another car parked alongside me. Thinks, that looks a bit odd, gets out and Lo and behold a google camera car !!!
I got talking to the driver just to confirm my suspicions and he said yes, it was a camera car. He gave me a description of what was involved, very boring, driving from A to B along a set route. He had covered up the camera to protect it from the rain (the blue hood) and he was on his way to Nebraska, so I followed for him some miles when he re-started.. So if anybody wants to know what I look like, then have a look on the border of Montana and Nebraska (Interstate 90)and look for a green Toyota with the driver waving out of the window, that's me !!!
That's my claim to fame this year.
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  lotvic 23:17 16 Sep 2008

Hey Well done amonra
I shall look forward to 'finding you' famous :))

  laurie53 09:16 17 Sep 2008

If ever I'm in Montana I'll remember there's no point looking for a Google camera car, as that area's been done!

I'll have to find something else to look at.

  Condom 02:08 18 Sep 2008

You mean they are not using their famous electric cars which they give to their staff to run around in. Shame on them.

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