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My Breakfast Toast is getting very expensive.

  BT 08:58 17 Nov 2017

Over the past few weeks the price of Butter has rocketed. I was paying 80p for 250g of Tesco own brand butter, then it went to £1.20, then last week £1.45 and this week £1.60. It seems there is a Europe wide Butter shortage.

From Financial Times.

Europe is in the throes of a butter shortage. Rising demand and a decline in milk production has led to a doubling in the price of the dairy spread this year

I remember when there was a Butter Mountain in the 70/80s in the EEC caused by overproduction and they were trying all sorts of ways to get rid of it.

  Brumas 22:57 19 Nov 2017

Going off on a slant and sorry to hijack the thread but I can remember, as a young lad, running around and jumping furiously in order to turn the milk and a pinch of salt, which was in a little flat brown pill bottle tucked into the top of my long socks, into butter - it never happened!!

This was a craze in Hull in the 50s, can anyone else remember this?

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