My apologies

  Forum Editor 21:23 17 Feb 2006

to those of you who have emailed me over the past 12 hours or so, and have received no response.

I'm working from New York for a few days, and although I'm in the forum as usual - albeit from a different time-zone - and receiving your mail, it's just too fiddly to set up a sending facility from my hotel. So....until Wednesday of next week nobody will receive replies, although I'll continue to receive (and if necessary act upon) your messages.

Thanks for your patience.

  Big Elf 21:29 17 Feb 2006

What you need is a deputy to travel to do all the onerous stuff like travelling around the world in your stead:o)

  Forum Editor 21:31 17 Feb 2006

I take it you're available?

I assure you it becomes very tedious after a while.

  Big Elf 21:33 17 Feb 2006

Unfortunately not. I've done a (very little) of what you do and would struggle to cope. I am only a human being not a Superman.

  Forum Editor 21:44 17 Feb 2006

My hotel overlooks Central park, and through my window I can see piles of snow dotted around - all that remain of the recent falls. It's been a warmish day here (48 degrees), but as I write it's 4:30 in the afternoon,and getting decidedly chilly.

I certainly wouldn't want anyone to hold back on the email - if you need to contact me please do so in the normal way. You'll just get no reply for a few days.

Mr Mistoffelees - it's not worth it for such a short while. I can send webmail from my business address, but that's separate from my IDG mail - I don't have webmail access to that.

  rdave13 02:15 18 Feb 2006

Bet on it?

  watchful 08:31 18 Feb 2006

you were here? :o)

  Forum Editor 12:25 18 Feb 2006

I had some great cheesecake in a Broadway diner last night, and maybe a doughnut or two with the coffe today will help the work along.
It's rather overcast and cold this morning, and I'm hoping there'll be no more snow.

  Forum Editor 13:50 19 Feb 2006

No snow, but extremely cold here. High winds make it even worse. Roll on Monday, and a cosy 747 home.

  Forum Editor 21:44 19 Feb 2006

but absolutely freezing in the wind. Went to Chinatown (shopping instructions from wife, don't ask) and was stopped by an NYPD cop just as I was about to jaywalk - he was around 18 stone, but bundled up in his winter gear he looked like a mountain with a gun on the side - you don't want to argue with these guys.

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