must be illegal to own analogue radio

  Seth Haniel 08:36 20 May 2010

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A "radio amnesty" is being launched to encourage listeners to switch from analogue to digital radios.

  Quickbeam 08:49 20 May 2010

I switched to DAB for the last world cup as commentary on AM is unlistenable. I've never looked back.

People don't seem to replace radios like they do TVs. Most council dumps are full of CRT TVs that are quite serviceable with a digibox, but go into most peoples houses and look at their radios, they go back 30 or more years.

A friend that's in the dental technicians business even has an old Bakelite set in his workshop that he listens to Radio 4 longwave on!

  wee eddie 09:32 20 May 2010

retrogressive step.

It consumes much more power than an FM radio (5 times is the commonly quoted figure).

It's coverage area is lamentable. OK, it's coverage as a %age of the population is not that bad. So long as you live within 10 miles of a town and do not have any hills in the area, but if you live in a rural location, you will get neither Digital Radio nor, for that matter, Broadband.

It's reproduction is clear enough on a cheap radio but any Reception System that tries for a faithful reproduction exposes it's failings on the finer nuances of the sound, which are removed so that the signal will fit the bandwidth allocated. It is also unable to give you even a remotely accurate Time Check because of the length of time it takes for the Digital Signal to be converted to an analogue one that we, as humans, can listen to.

The reason that it is being pushed so hard is that it is the only way that the/our Government can make money out of Radio.

  Big L 266 09:44 20 May 2010

Hello Seth.

I would welcome such a switch but DAB reception in Spalding isn't great. My old Intempo DAB only works on the kitchen windowsill and nowhere else.The signal for Radio 2 is just above acceptable and it does have its modern equivalent of the Radio Luxembourg 'phasing' usually in the morning. (The FM bit of the Intempo does work but cannot get any signal on the kitchen windowsill.)

I have to rely on a small old Sony ICFS22 portable to listen on FM with. That works in most rooms thankfully.Oddly enough,I can't receive Radio Lincolnshire FM on it,but can get Radio Cambridgeshire FM quite clearly. AM of course is great here but there's nothing much on it these days.

I am hopeful that being in a virtually dead DAB zone will lead the powers-that-be to put in a booster transmitter for this part of Lincolnshire soon. Otherwise I'll have to listen to radio either via the computer or my Panasonic telly neither of which I like doing.

Big L 266

  onionskin 10:25 20 May 2010

I've got a DAB/FM radio and the battery life is just as poor on FM as it is on DAB.

  KremmenUK 14:24 20 May 2010

That energy consumption is very true and a killer.

I've got an analogue radio that I listen to FM on and it's 4 x C batteries need changing once a year.

My latest DAB radio also uses 4 x C batteries and they last about 25 hours, even when I tune to FM instead of DAB.

Crazy !!!

  Cymro. 15:36 20 May 2010

I have just bought my first DAB radio a couple of weeks ago. I live in rural North Wales so plenty of mountains. I do however get an excellent DAB signal on all the major channels but unfortunately cant get local radio. So I just switch to FM for the stations I can`receive on DAB and all is well. I Emailed the BBC about the local stations that I can`t get on DAB and they replied saying that eventually all transmitters would be updated to DAB and so I would then get all station. So I am happy enough to just switch to FM as and when the need arises.

  bremner 16:10 20 May 2010

For all those with wireless routers I would recommend buying an Internet Radio.

It was suggested to me on here a while ago and having bought one it is brilliant. 11,000 stations in clear digital sound.

  Cymro. 17:03 20 May 2010

Yes but! do we really need 11,000 stations? I have hundreds of TV stations on SKY but hardly ever watch most of them. Quality or quantity? I know which I want.

By the way, has anyone got in to this BBC7 radio station? From the little time I have had to listen to it recently it seems rather good.

  bremner 17:45 20 May 2010

The number of stations simply means you can always find what you want.

I know you did not mean it in these terms but guaranteed sound 'quality' is what you get with internet radio.

  ronalddonald 19:29 20 May 2010

is it really illegal to have an ano radio?

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