Muslim protests on Wikipedia

  Hamburglar 14:59 21 Feb 2008

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They're not happy about pictures of Mohammed appearing on Wikipedia because it's a sin

  Totally-braindead 15:33 21 Feb 2008

I'm sure theres thousands if not millions of pictures of Mohammed on the web so its a stupid arguement as the can't get rid of them all. Its another fuss about nothing in my opinion.

  Kemistri 15:38 21 Feb 2008

From the article: "...but it's run by America..."

If I really believed that, I would cease to contribute to it. I don't think anyone who is heavily involved in it would really think that.

WP is edited by people from all around the world and we are all keen to uphold the desire to maintain a world view, which is part of a policy of neutrality. Wikipedia is not censored, and that is such an important policy that it is less flexible than most.

  Stuartli 16:03 21 Feb 2008

Those who oppose such pictures on Wikipedia shouldn't be viewing it - otherwise they would appear to be disobeying their own beliefs and committing a sin.

It is not sinful for those of other religious faiths to view such images or use the text for information or research purposes.

Seems very similar to the furore about the cartoons in a Danish newspaper a while back - in fact when they originally appeared there were no Muslim protests, which arose some time later.

  jack 20:00 21 Feb 2008

An activity may be considered a 'sin' by adherents of a particular faith or belief
But for those not of that persuasion to be bullied into the same is also 'sinful'

  interzone55 20:58 21 Feb 2008

As soon as Muslims stop sell alcohol I'll listen to their protests about other's attitudes to Islam...

  barca1 22:23 21 Feb 2008


where i live Muslim's drink Alchol & go to the local "Betting Office" there CANNOT be anything more AGAINST there religon than this......

  Forum Editor 07:02 22 Feb 2008

are just as entitled to protest as anyone else, but it does all seem to be a monumental storm in a teacup.

Wikipedia gets my vote for standing its ground.

  Quickbeam 09:06 22 Feb 2008

Sometimes people want 'jam on both sides' when they start preaching their beliefs.

A local garage I use , owned by a Muslim, won't sell ham sandwiches or sausage rolls, but in his 7/11 shop he sells bacon & sausages...?

He can dictate what sandwiches people will buy, by limiting choice when filling up. But, when it comes to daily necessities, the customers (£) dictate his beliefs for him!

  wee eddie 11:42 22 Feb 2008

He can sell what he wants, when he wants, it's his business.

If there are religious reasons, I am sure that he has thought long and hard about his decisions. Few make such actions lightly.

  Quickbeam 16:21 22 Feb 2008

In this case it's not so much sitting on the fence over a belief, as hopping from one side t' t'other, to suit a financial belief.

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