Music for The Milky Bar Advert...

  DANZIG 23:50 02 Jul 2008

I'm trying to find a site where I can download the music to 'The Milky Bar' adverts from years ago.

You know the ones where the little kid in specs rides into town on a horse and gives all the other kids the titular snack.

I need it for work on Friday (don't ask why..) so I need to be able to put it on a CD.

I've searched for it but can only seem to find video's of said advert.

Can anyone direct me to a site that provides such an audio treat???

  micky d 00:09 03 Jul 2008

No idea Danzig but even though you said don't ask.....erm.......why do you need it for work?

You can't say something as random as that & then keep it a's not allowed!

  gardener 00:15 03 Jul 2008

You could try singing it yourself..
The Milky Bar Kid is strong and tough etc. etc.

  DANZIG 00:26 03 Jul 2008

The reason is it American Independence Day on Friday, and where I work we are all dressing up as Cowboys and Indians for our customers.

There is a young lad who works with us who is the spitting image of the Milky Bar Kid - hence he will give all our customers a Milky Bar - while the song is playing.

  gardener 00:44 03 Jul 2008

You are joking aren't you?

  lotvic 00:48 03 Jul 2008

about 15 down in list click here for the .wma file

the words: Nestle’s Milkybar (1961)

The Milky Bar Kid is tough and strong,
The Milky Bar Kid just can't go wrong,
The Milky Bar Kid only eats what’s right,
That’s Milky Bar, it’s sweet and light,

Nestle’s Milky Bar.

The Milky Bar Kid is strong and tough
And only the best is good enough,
The creamiest milk, the whitest bar,
The goodness that’s in Milky Bar
Nestle’s Milky Bar.

The Milky Bars are on me!

you can send me one - yum yum - haven't had white choc for ages :))

  laurie53 09:34 03 Jul 2008

Just for the record, it's not the first time it's been done.

We had a young officer who looked just like the kid, and very time he came round the department, the air would be full of that tune being hummed, with every face a picture of total innocence.

It says much for his character that the only reaction I ever saw was a slight smile!

  micky d 09:49 03 Jul 2008

Ok, thanks Danzig.

You were right, i shouldn't of asked!

Only kidding.

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