Music and film sharing poll.

  Totally-braindead 18:28 03 Jul 2005

I just voted on the latest poll but it was differcult, to me anyway, to make the choice due to its wording. I ended up voting for legalise the downloads but charge a fee when I really wanted to vote for " I disagree the law is fine as it is " but it was the next bit that decided me to change how I voted " so are music/film costs". Now personally I think the law as it stands is fine, it is illegal to download music/films as the people who make/create these films or music albums don't make money from these illegal downloads which is totally wrong. But I don't know who decided to put in the bit about music and film costs being fine. They aren't fine at all, hence me having to change the way I voted. If you compare the prices of DVDs and CDs between here and the US you find that the US equivalent is cheaper hence my point about costs not being fine. I feel that this poll at least due to the way it was worded may get a biased view of peoples opinions. I believe that if it was worded simply about the law being fine as it is and with no mention of the costs being fine you would get a different result.

  Mysticnas 14:47 04 Jul 2005

I'm just not voting at all on this one as non of the radio buttons express my opinion at all.

Prices should be reduced. It's common sense at then end of the day. Hypothetical Example:

Three people offer you a car, a nice spangly Merc.

One from a Merc garage for lets say £80k, one stolen one for free, and one for much less than it's costs to buy from a garage £40k lets say.

You'd feel guilty and hopefully wouldn't opt for the stolen one, but make it a perfectly legit sale lets say from a wholesale import place for £40k you'd feel no guilt as it's all above board and happier in the fact that you've got something good.

Ok a merc is status symbol, so making it cheap would probably just render the whole point useless.

But what i think the main issue with music and film is just 'how' cheap should it be? For that we need to find out just where the money goes.

I don't think they'll make them cheaper unless people stop buying music in a protest or something.

So unless a lot of people, and i mean a lot of people, like possible at least half of the current music/film buying public stop buying then record companies will be forced to reduce rates???

Who know's whether it would work. It's just my opinion.

  Kate B 17:57 04 Jul 2005

I still buy music on old-fashioned CDs. Rip 'em in the format you prefer, put them on whichever device you prefer, and if your hard drive goes *phut* you've got the hard copy. It's a no-brainer for me. I'm even prepared to pay the premium for the hard copy: production costs, distribution etc etc.

I do, however, feel that music should have a "fair use" copyright giving me the legal right to do just that. I don't share music online, I don't burn copies of CDs for friends, but I would like not to be considered a lawbreaker for wanting to listen to the music I buy on the device of my choosing.

  Forum Editor 18:39 04 Jul 2005

1.There's no way that any snapshot poll can ever include all the options that people want.

2. If you read the poll carefully you'll see that it's about file-sharing, and whether it should be legalised or not. One of the answers - the one about the law being fine as it is - was for people who are happy with the status quo, they don't want any change.

Every time we put up one of these polls we get some people saying "The option I want isn't there". Well of course that will happen - otherwise we would end up with dozens of options and a meaningless response.

  Totally-braindead 19:42 04 Jul 2005

Well FE I understand your point, there is no way that a snapshot poll can include all the options people want, I understand this. However I still think that due to the phrasing of the question, in particular the "music/film costs" being fine the answer to the poll will be skewed. I've made my point even if you don't agree with my feelings on the phrasing so I'll tick it as resolved. I do realise the question was about file-sharing and if the option did not include the bit about the costs of music/films I would have answered differently.

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