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Music in the car - problem

  Forum Editor 18:11 11 Feb 2020

My youngest daughter has bought a secondhand Ford Focus. It's a nice car, but the stereo has no USB socket and she wants to use an MP3 player when driving. She says needs to do it via the aux socket in the glovebox. I am no expert when it comes to audio,can anyone help?

How does she connect an MP3 player to the aux socket to get the best sound quality? She has an RCA cable which plugs into the aux socket. It has two male connectors at the other end - how does she connect that to the MP3 player?

I boasted that someone in the forum is bound to know, so no pressure...

  john bunyan 18:52 11 Feb 2020

You can get adapters that use a FM radio channel to play via the car radio

This is one- Amazon may have others

FM transmission

  x13 18:56 11 Feb 2020

If you need the power socket for GPS then have a look here.

  Quiller47 19:14 11 Feb 2020
  Quickbeam 22:39 11 Feb 2020

I can play from phone to car via a double phono mini jack on the VW aux input.

It has actually got Bluetooth as well so I don't need that, but it does work.

  BT 23:50 11 Feb 2020

What Belatucadrussaid. That's how mine works, also with a CD player etc not that I need to do that as mine still has a built in one. I can also connect via Bluetooth so my tablet works as well which is the easier option, with the Amazon Music app. which I also use with my Sound bar indoors. Depending on the age of the car it probably has Bluetooth. Mines an 09 reg, and Bluetooth Icon shows in the Stereo display panel when you switch on.

  Gordon Freeman 09:15 12 Feb 2020

On my car (not Ford Focus) the aux socket is a 3.5mm jack type (under the central arm rest).

To play music from a phone/mp3 player/ipod), you simply plug in a lead which has x2 male 3.5 jack pin connectors; one goes into the aux socket, and one into the headphone socket on the phone/mp3 player.

Some cars allow you to control the player (change track etc.) via the central display, others don't. It might be the case that she selects a playlist, then runs that while in the car.

Volume control is normally available via your normal stereo controls.

Re; Bluetooth, which some people mention, not all cars allow music audio from devices (calls yes, but not all allow music), & I'm not sure that mp3 players have Bluetooth anyway.

  Gordon Freeman 09:24 12 Feb 2020

Not sure if this helps or not?

Ford Focus Aux

  Forum Editor 19:00 12 Feb 2020

Thank you all for the prompt and helpful advice.

The impatience of (relative) youth drove my daughter to her local Halfords, and twenty minutes later she drove away, listening to music - the Halford's solution was exactly the one selected by several of you - a double-ended 3.5mm jack lead, one end in the car's Aux socket (in the glovebox) and the other send into her Sony Walkman MP3 player.

She says she has to turn the player's volume to maximum and then select a suitable volume on the car's steering wheel control. A quick fiddle with the car stereo tone control and she has perfect sound. The MP3 player is in the glove compartment, so she just has to put up with the tracks as they come (all 800 of them), the car's track changer button doesn't work in Aux mode but you can't have everything. In any case, it's much safer that way.

Thanks again.

  BT 08:48 13 Feb 2020

a double-ended 3.5mm jack lead

When I bought my car there was one of these in the little lidded compartment on the top of the dash where the Aux socket is located, along with the safety wheelnut socket. Original equipment or left by previous owner I know not, but as the car had been the dealers demo car probably original

  Forum Editor 11:34 13 Feb 2020


"Not taking the micky but this is the first time I have seen the FE asking us for help !"

Over the past 20 years I have asked for help on several occasions - usually when I have had a problem with an Excel formula, which is definitely not one of my areas of expertise.

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