Murray becomes a Champion,at last

  daz60 08:36 11 Sep 2012

Well after 3/4's of a century Britain has a singles tennis champion,congrats to Murray.

Wonder if Connery and Ferguson's pep talk helped,and a knighthood maybe.!!

  Quickbeam 08:42 11 Sep 2012

Something changed in him after his 2012 Wimbledon defeat and was seen first with the Olympic gold win.

  kad60 08:43 11 Sep 2012

just Champion

forgot the link.

  john bunyan 08:45 11 Sep 2012

Interestingly Salmond etc have said he is the Scottish, not British champion. He did well, whatever he is!

  HondaMan 09:07 11 Sep 2012

Three cheers for Murray!!

  Condom 11:58 11 Sep 2012

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

His new mentor seems to installed that final, Je ne sais quoi, into Murray. It must have been so difficult winning on this surface which is not his best. Djokovic is also one of his best friends and isn't it amazing that they both went to the same Spanish school over 10 years ago.

Sorry Dunblane but as far as I'm concerned Murray will always be from his birthplace, Glasgow

  Bing.alau 12:32 11 Sep 2012

Not one of AitchBEE's new neighbours is he?

  Forum Editor 12:57 11 Sep 2012

"His new mentor seems to installed that final, Je ne sais quoi, into Murray."

It's called the killer instinct. Now he's seen how it works for him I'm sure we'll see him go on to win other championships.

  oresome 15:25 11 Sep 2012

I do believe I saw him smile, albeit briefly, during an interview this morning!

  Bing.alau 16:38 11 Sep 2012

I've seen him smile quite a few times. I know he is the serious type but what's wrong with that?

Most Scots are known as dour and serious people. It takes all sorts to make a World. We would be having a moan if all he ever did was wear a sickly smile for ninety per cent of the time. He would then look a bit like Sean Connery who always seems to have that inane grin on his face.

(Stand back and awaits the flak from Wee Eddie and co. I hope Macscouse's LHO doesn't take offence and join in).

  Condom 19:17 11 Sep 2012

The public tend to see Andy while he is "at the office" so to speak but privately he is quite a relaxed and jovial person.

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