Murhpy the garden gnome

  S5W 14:30 11 Aug 2008

A woman in Australia had her garden gnome stolen, several months later it reappeared with a bound photo album showing that it had travelled all over the world and been involved in many adventurous activities. It was a bit the worse for wear but still smiling.
If that does not bring a smile to your face on a Monday try this. A party of school children were being shown Osbourne House on the Isle of Wight; one of thm asked "is this really where Ozzie lives?" And the sun has just come out.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:07 11 Aug 2008

Another travelling gnome?

  crosstrainer 15:19 11 Aug 2008

I'll bet he's laughing too :)

  Pineman100 16:04 11 Aug 2008

At least it had a gnome to come back to.

  Bingalau 19:22 11 Aug 2008

This year Liverpool is the European Capital of Culture, and what seems to have tickled everybody's fancy are a group of 100 "Superlambananas", they come in all sorts of guises. The one that tickled my fancy is the "Supergrassbanana" which was situated outside Walton Gaol.

One of the other Superlambananas disappeared quite early on in the year and it too has been photographed in various holiday destinations all over the world. Not an easy item to transport about either because they are quite big.

  Grey Goo 21:51 14 Aug 2008

They say that travelling can upset your elf, but this one is a bit of a Gnomad and now he is Gnome Sweet Gnome.

  pj123 12:50 15 Aug 2008

Murphy, the garden gnome belonged to Eve Stuart-Kelso from Gloucester.

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