laurie53 09:22 28 Nov 2008

The one minor positive aspect of the Mumbai atrocity is the way the Indians have gone in hard against the terrorists.

I've got a nagging feeling that if that had been here we'd still have been waiting for trained negotiators.

  laurie53 09:53 28 Nov 2008

They took that action at the request, and with the full approval of, the Iranian authorities.

That was also more than a quarter of a century ago, a very different political climate, at home and abroad, prevails today.

  Forum Editor 17:35 28 Nov 2008

"They took that action at the request, and with the full approval of, the Iranian authorities."

No they didn't. The gunmen involved wanted Arab diplomats to act as negotiators, but our Foreign Office refused. The SAS went in on the direct order of Margaret Thatcher, and she consulted with nobody but the members of COBRA, which was set up specifically to deal with the siege. Mrs. Thatcher gave William Whitelaw the authority to start the SAS operation from her car, when she was en-route back to London. Events came to a head when an Iranian hostage was shot, and his body pushed out through the door - there was then no reason to delay the SAS assault any longer.

Nobody outside COBRA was involved in the decision, although the Iranian government subsequently expressed its thanks for the way the operation was handled.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:41 28 Nov 2008

Executing a Rabbi and his family might not have been one of their cleverer moves.


  laurie53 20:38 28 Nov 2008

"I don't see a lot of merit in your argument."

How can I be arguing? I made the first post, which is just an opinion. It's you lot who came back who are arguing!

FE - I stand corrected.

T still respect the Indian response. I understand eight Israelis were "executed" i.e. murdered, by the terrorists.

I doubt if the Israeli government will castigate their Indian counterparts.

  Forum Editor 22:46 28 Nov 2008

I agree with you about the Indian response - on the face of it they handled the situation pretty well, considering the very confusing circumstances.

  Condom 21:38 30 Nov 2008

The Indian Commandos had to travel from Delhi to Mumbai by train and then get a bus from the train staion to the action. They also use 20 year old rifles which are not exactly wonderful in close room to room clearance operations.

Once the dust has settled improvements will need to be made in their mode of operation but well done to them for doing what they did.

  Forum Editor 23:11 30 Nov 2008

that last week's planned trip to Mumbai was postponed at the last minute by my client.

  sunnystaines 05:33 01 Dec 2008

was it intended to raise tensions between the two nations so pakistan diverts troops fighting in the northen lawless border with afghan to the indian borders

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