Multiple standards/Formats, Why??

  wolfie3000 04:57 25 May 2008

Why is it we have so many different standards/formats for things relating to a pc?

First off dvds, theres dvd-r and dvd+r, why do we need both?

Call me stupid but they work both the same way, i cant tell the difference.

Video formats is another, Mpeg AVI, RM, WMV, MP4 and so on.

Why cant we have just AVI and be done with it.

Same with picture formats, BMP, Jpeg, PNG.

Cant we just standardize the lot and make everyones life easier?

An example of this is when i record myself winning at a game and send it to other gamers,

yes me and my mates do that, its to show off our skills or if we make a Machinima.

I record the game footage as a Fraps AVI which then i have to convert to a proper AVI with Super,

Then i burn to DVD if im sending it through the post, so choosing either a DVD-R or DVD+R.

Or if im posting it to youtube i have to convert the video to WMV or if i choose to put the video onto my PSP i need to convert it to MP4.

Im sure many others have the same problems, so lets just standardize all the different formats.

  DieSse 12:20 25 May 2008

"Why cant we have just AVI and be done with it."

Because AVI would be a terrible standard - and would stifle improvement.

Same is true of any format.

And who would be the body to agree it and to police it? - It's a free market - that's why we get improvements and enhancements - with competition.

All you and your mates need to do is to agree between you what to use - then you won't have that problem.

  LastChip 12:29 25 May 2008

As new ways are found of doing things, formats change. It's as simple as that - frustrating as it may be!

  belfman 13:48 25 May 2008

Life would be boring.

I like the fact there are multiple standards it provides choice, value and competitveness. Recommend to your friends as I did on a particular model of device be it dvd drive or whatever. My close family and friends all have technology recommended by me... pity I wasn't on commision.

There's only one difference the brother in law got the PS360gb and I got the Xbox360 elite, currently better choice of games and better value IMO is with xbox. Imagine if both where exactly the same, same spec and same generic games which could be played on both. There'd be no competition and NO INNOVATION.

  belfman 13:49 25 May 2008

and no price cutting!

  Forum Editor 14:33 25 May 2008

Partly because technology developers and innovators work along slightly different lines, and partly for commercial reasons.

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