Multi Spam 2 days running

  john bunyan 09:50 07 Jun 2015

Have sent to FE today about multi spam from glsastri202 today. I thought only 2 threads could be started in an hour, at least on the old system.

  morddwyd 09:59 07 Jun 2015

It will no doubt be dealt with in due course.

They have probably been a bit busy the last week and are having a weekend break, like the rest of us.

If you're not satisfied you could always ask for your money back.

OH , I forgot, it's free.

  Forum Editor 12:33 07 Jun 2015

We're on the case as far as the tantric love guru nutter is concerned, he should be history pretty soon. In the meantime the sun is shining, and the birds are singing - things could be worse.

  mole1944 12:57 07 Jun 2015

I know it's naughty but would love to send whoever it is ransomewhere.

  bumpkin 14:04 07 Jun 2015

mike, unless it is a glitch with the new setup causing it I can't imagine anyone posting those individually so they must have some kind of automation.

  simonjary 17:53 07 Jun 2015

When we have a massive spam attack like today's we often dial up the anti-spam filter higher than usual. This means innocent posts get picked up and rejected.

It's a delicate game, and most of the time we can leave the filters on light. Then we get spammed, and so up go the shields again.

And it's often on a weekend when we'd rather be out in the sun!

  mole1944 05:47 08 Jun 2015

I'm wondering if it's not school; children doing it,as it might cease when school returns

  john bunyan 09:55 08 Jun 2015

Seems even worse today; the "Forums" recent posts is full of spam - so sorry for PCA spam fighters as the site is otherwise much improved.

  bumpkin 10:28 08 Jun 2015

I can see why people spam if they can make some money but this is just pointless rubbish, what it their motive I wonder.

  Forum Editor 10:45 08 Jun 2015

I have just removed a mass of spam posts from all forum areas, and banned the people who posted them.

Let's see how it goes. We can deal with these people, but it may take a little longer.

  martd7 10:57 08 Jun 2015

There's an old post from 2004 in tech consumer about NTL and as FE deleted the spam its started being posted again 5mins ago

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