Muggers heavily fined

  TopCat® 15:30 01 Mar 2010

as well as long terms in prison. TC. click here

  rickf 15:46 01 Mar 2010

EXcellent,well deserved one might say

  Labdweller 16:37 01 Mar 2010

But in my experience, the court weren't able to extract any money from them since they had nothing left.

I wish they got lengthier sentences too, but was explained by policemen why this couldn't be achieved.

Each case potentially puts the mugger into less favourable terms (for him). Out of 12 victims, only 6 turned up to identify him - so that's half gone already - and on the day, only 2 people successfully identified the guy...

  Monoux 16:58 01 Mar 2010

Perhaps the others had been threatened with reprisals if they testified.

  Grey Goo 20:51 01 Mar 2010

Should have been heavily thrashed.

  Monoux 20:57 01 Mar 2010

Grey Goo -- or throttled nearly to death perhaps

  mr simon 00:01 02 Mar 2010

How much of the money recovered from these fines will make its way back to the victims?

  Monoux 08:23 02 Mar 2010

I will be very surprised if a single penny is recovered

  interzone55 09:32 02 Mar 2010

The asset recover scheme is all well & good, but it just doesn't work.

The type of lowlife who goes round mugging people generally aren't the most financially astute individuals, so the proceeds of the crimes aren't always wisely invested - often the cash goes straight into the till of the local Bargain Booze or the hands of the friendly neighbourhood crack dealer.

I used to work in a large central Manchester retailer, and we had a member of staff steal a considerable amount of money, I think the figure of £3000 was mentioned in court.

The miscreant was order to repay this sum, at the agreed rate of £1 a week, which would take ~58 years. We received the grand total of one cheque for £1 from the courts, which the manager proudly displayed on his wall, as it would cost a business more than £1 to process the cheque...

  Quickbeam 12:00 02 Mar 2010

"But in my experience, the court weren't able to extract any money from them since they had nothing left."
Which leaves two viable extremes, a public flogging, or a trip to Disney Land... If I have to compromise, it won't be at the holiday extreme end.

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