Mugabe going for a run-off

  Legolas 16:15 04 Apr 2008

Just seen on sky news, I was hoping this tyrant would go quietly to much to hope I suppose.

  sunny staines 16:18 04 Apr 2008

Brown has promised the new gov't if it comes in a billion pounds of aid. I thought we were broke.

if it goes ahead i hope he sends a team to supervise it other wise it will land in the wrong pockets like most of the aid in africa.

  Legolas 16:23 04 Apr 2008

I just want to see mugabe gone we will worry about any aid later.

  techie4me 16:39 04 Apr 2008

And if he does not make it what chances of a State of Emergency being announced to keep him in-charge!

  keef66 16:42 04 Apr 2008

I wish he would bloody well run off. Suspect however he's hanging on for grim death while he siphons the last few dollars into his Swiss bank account.

  TopCat® 18:40 04 Apr 2008

'Mugabe going for a run-off' Pity it's not the nearest cliff! TC.

  Legolas 15:54 05 Apr 2008

Things appear gloomier by the hour for the Zimbabweans. Mugabe seems to be determined to hang onto to power by fair means or foul and knowing his track record it will be foul. The chances of a peaceful resolution to the elections are becoming increasingly unlikely.

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