To much choice

  wolfie3000 18:04 05 Oct 2005

does anyone else get fustrated at the choice of so many programs out there that promise so much but turn out to be awfull.
Im looking for video editing software and its annoying trying to choose the right one with out downloading it just to find its not suitable?

Read some reviews, then trim your trial and error downloading to the best 2 or three programs.

  josie mayhem 21:02 05 Oct 2005

I know what you mean!

Another pet hate of mine, is when you buy some software which says it can do this and that and the other. when you get it home it does this and that, but when you want to do the other, you find this bit is a plug-in and you've got to by a key to use it.. ahhhh

I had this with nero6 reloaded, £20 to unlock the MP3pro.

  wolfie3000 21:42 05 Oct 2005

always the same had my own personal nervous breakdown trying to find video editing software today lol still none the wiser.

  spuds 11:51 06 Oct 2005

I have a very large selection of various titled software, which I have accumulated over the past and present times. Most of it are similar duplications of similar programmes, but I still look and purchase that more upto date version. Silly really, as I am more than sure that one of the previous title would do the job amicably if I was to spend more time reading the instructions or experimenting more. Just laziness I suppose.

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