Diemmess 11:55 24 Apr 2005

Just curious really.

Most PCs glitch sooner or later, but usually because of software corruption or "finger trouble" with connections.

Even so hardware faults do occur and I wondered what sort of a league table would emerge if members voted which part seemed most likely to die and upset a system.

With a friendly interest in helping family or friends I have been in at the death of 2 mobos, 1 PSU, and at least 4 CDROM/R or RW, 2 Modems of the dial-up variety and 1 very cheap and nasty speaker set. No HD failures (said he gripping a large plank!)

Personal verdict condemns the CD's laser as the most likely to fail

  Forum Editor 12:15 24 Apr 2005

I have found hard drives to be extremely reliable (wait! what was that noise?), and have attended to very few failures.

Motherboards come top of my list, although often the cause is user misuse and/or abuse.

CD ROMs next, followed by fans - graphics card fans seem particularly glitchy.

All in all I think that computer hardware components are among the most reliable devices on the planet - there are few machines that can run for such long periods (often in less than ideal environments) with so little attention.

  bremner 12:20 24 Apr 2005

For me it has to be CD/DVD drives. Have had three go kaput at home over the last couple of years and two in the last week in the office.

  stalion 13:12 24 Apr 2005

one cd drive failure in eight years, oops perhaps I should keep quiet.

  Pooke100 13:15 24 Apr 2005

CD drives, had my machine four months, the dvd rom worked fine til one time where it locked up the system and I could smell smoke. Now the replacement is on it's way, the drawer is making weird noises.

  Pooke100 13:16 24 Apr 2005

*is on it's way out..

  wiz-king 13:23 24 Apr 2005

Of the 12 new HP's bought to set up on a network four years ago;-

4 power supplies (3 in the first fortnight)

2 hard drives

1 floppy drive

and 1 motherboard faliure in the IBM server (the engineer said 'Oh no not another one, were almost out of replacement capacitors!).

The network runs 24/7 and all the pc's have UPS's, all in all not bad after the first few weeks. The HP's that had PSU fault were all promptly repaired by HP after a mind blowing session on the phone to their help line, Yes, it is plugged in, Yes, I have pushed the button on the front panel, No, none of the lights are on, Yes I have tried something else in the mains socket ......

  Simsy 13:26 24 Apr 2005

and have only had 1 hardware failure- the motherboard.

Though most other components have also been upgraded in that time, PSU,CPU, CDRW, Floppy, they are all, without exception, still in regular use and operation, without problems, in other machines.

I recently attended to a colleague’s old machine, (Pentium 1 vintage), and all was working apart from a faulty CD unit.

My dad bought a PC from Evesham nearly 4 years ago. Within a short time, (2 weeks), he'd had the HDD and DVD drive replaced under warranty. No problems since, so perhaps damage was introduced in transit???

I know of no other hardware problems amongst any of the PCs that friends or colleagues have.

It seems they are, generally, reliable beasts!



  Joe R 15:15 24 Apr 2005

My major hardware problems over the years, have been, DVD roms, ( six in four years ), one motherboard, a couple of floppy drives, and also a couple of graphics cards.

I have tried rigidly, to stick to Antec & lian li cases, and, Antec & Enermax PSU's, and this has been borne out by the fact, that I have had no failures with this hardware.

  Non Welsh Local 15:20 24 Apr 2005

Power supplies are "usually" the cause of most problems.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:20 24 Apr 2005

I have had one case cooling fan failure in the 7 years since I got my first pc and have had one cd drive go a bit erratic, though it never actually stopped working. As for hard drives, Western Digital quote an MTBF of 1,200,000 hours for thier Raptor drives, of which I have 2. That equates to just under 137 years of continuous operation, had them about 1 1/2 years, so they should be ok for a bit longer!

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