MS unveils its latest version of Windows

  TopCat® 14:53 29 Oct 2008

A brief look at what's on offer so far. TC.

click here

  The Brigadier 15:53 29 Oct 2008

Wonder at what cost it will be?
Most people prefer XP to Vista as it's currently more stable.
May be this is the switch people will need to over to Linux?

  crosstrainer 15:56 29 Oct 2008

I have an all consuming hatred of touchscreens. Finger marks all over a nice new monitor? No thanks. Apart from that we will have to wait and see how it pans out.... I will try a BETA version when MS let me know that a stable (ish) one exists. Will dual boot it with Vista and see what's what then. At the moment it's a bit speculative, so too soon to make any kind of judgment call.

  TopCat® 20:09 29 Oct 2008

I too am concerned about its touchscreen capabilities and would much prefer keyboard inputs. Maybe there will be an option to change from the default in the final release, but from all the hype around I very much doubt it. TC.

  laurie53 20:15 29 Oct 2008

What about these multi media systems with 32" screens?

You're going to have to touch the screen and shoot back about 15 metres to check the input!

  TopCat® 20:21 29 Oct 2008

Good lord, I am out of touch with the modern stuff! Surely they'll have a remote controller with a laser guided 'finger' built in to it! :o) TC.

  MAJ 20:26 29 Oct 2008

"......when it arrives sometime late next year."

Anyone running a book? ;)

  Condom 20:34 29 Oct 2008

You don't need to do that laurie. All you will need is the Microsoft Extended Arm which comes on the market about the same time and which guarantees to leave no fingerprints.

  Grey Goo 20:45 29 Oct 2008

Is that what used to be called a "Pointer", a pool cue with a chunk of rubber stuck on one end.

  Condom 21:40 29 Oct 2008

Grey Goo
If you get in quick you could make a killing. And for the quicker seasoned typists you could do the same to a pair of drumsticks. Give a whole new meaning to a paradiddle.

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