MS court battle

  SG Atlantis® 16:06 24 Apr 2006

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Is this it coming to an end?

Who'll win?

ps. I still think the media player ruling was a joke. At the moment I have more than a half a dozen players installed and not one issue with any of them inc. wmp.

  ventanas 16:18 24 Apr 2006

Agree, it was a joke. WMP is superior to any else I've seen, and has been included with Windows at least as far back as v3.1, so why start making a noise now. The EU should stop sticking its nose into things it kknows nothing about and leave Microsoft to get on with it.

If the likes of Real Player want to compete then they should give away the full version. And improve it vastly.

  Totally-braindead 18:05 24 Apr 2006

I have to agree. Theres been various threads on Media Player since the EU threatened Microsoft and its really quite ridiculous. If you don't want Media Player then don't install it. If it stopped you from putting on any other media players then there would be a point to it, but it doesn't. Its up to you to decide what you want to use.

I like it and its what I use, I've tried the others and found them poor in comparison.

But the EU love to come out with ridiculous rulings as I'm sure we all know.

  CurlyWhirly 18:16 24 Apr 2006

I agree that it IS a joke as according to the PCA home page:

"To date, not one order for edition N has been placed by PC manufacturers, Bellis said, and only 1,787 have been ordered by computer stores across Europe in the nine months since it went on sale. This is equal to 0.005 percent of all XP sales in Europe during the same time period, he said."

It seems that the EU were wrong as it hasn't proved very popular releasing XP without WMP!
I think that the EU should stop meddling.

  Forum Editor 18:30 24 Apr 2006

defies belief, and makes the European Commission a laughing stock. Anyone who knew anything about Media players realised that WMP was streets better than anything else. Besides that, nobody forced anyone to use it, and it was included as part of the package - you don't have to pay for it.

The real point about this lunacy is that you and me, and everyone else who's a European citizen are paying for it all.

  spuds 18:32 24 Apr 2006

The point that seems to be overlooked, is the EU as to 'meddle', its part of their remit. Someones got to keep the paper mountains high :O)

  SB23 18:38 24 Apr 2006

I hope Microsoft win. As ventanas said, "WMP is superior to any else I've seen", and in my case, tried. It does everything I want it to.
When I was given an Mp3 player, it was WMP that I used to put stuff onto it. The software that came with the unit, I could never get to work. WMP always works flawlessly. I for one will stick with it.

  SG Atlantis® 18:44 24 Apr 2006

This is only a part of it, isn't it.

The interoperability issues where the comission wants MS to hand over more detailed documents and source code so deveolopers could integrate their software better into windows. Server software namely?

...they have tried to comply but the biased companies involved (rivals) have dismissed what MS are offering as useless?

who'll win in this? Both have a lot to lose...

  powerless 19:42 24 Apr 2006

I wouldn't blame Microsoft for just "pulling out of Europe".

  Forum Editor 19:52 24 Apr 2006

I doubt they would be that silly - the market's worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year to them.

  SG Atlantis® 19:53 24 Apr 2006

...we're worth a fortune to them, that would never happen. In terms of affording the fines, it's peanuts.

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