Mr.Gates hasn't sent me a reply yet.

  Sapins 22:38 29 Jul 2004

What am I allowed to change in my system before I have to buy another copy of XP Home? I want to upgrade the motherboard, CPU, and RAM. I have e-mailed said Mr.Gates but I don't really think I will get a reply. Also, if anyone has the UK telephone number to ask for re-activation would you be kind enough to let me have it, the phone number that is.



  Forum Editor 23:25 29 Jul 2004

Then, when you install WinXP you'll be prompted to activate it. Agree to the activation, and when it fails to happen via the internet (because most people haven't got around to setting up their connection so soon after an install) you'll be asked if you want to activate by phone. Say yes, and you'll be presented with the phone numbers to use - try the 'ordinary' one first, rather than the 0800 number. You'll be talked through the activation prosedure from then on.

Why on earth did you email Bill Gates about this - you didn't seriously expect a response did you?

  Forum Editor 23:25 29 Jul 2004


  [DELETED] 02:34 30 Jul 2004

You dont need to buy another copy of XP,the one you have will suffice.My experiences of XP lately has shown that you can "activate" XP approx 10 times inside 30 days before it becomes neccessary to phone M$ for additional activations.

  Sapins 08:17 30 Jul 2004

FE, I e-mailed Microsoft from the support option, just used his name to draw attention to the thread, I didn't expect a reply from Microsoft anyway and I haven't been disappointed. Thanks for the advice I'll go ahead now and get some quotes.



  [DELETED] 14:25 30 Jul 2004

Sorry Sapins it may be partly my fault.

Mr. Gates kindly got in touch with me yesterday afternoon. he informed me that some critical updates are ready to download, well blow me down another message from Mr. Gates has just appeared as I type ( KB831167) I.E. 6.0 with SP1.

So with these er add on's to be sent personally to each customer He must be a tad busy.;-)

Perhaps if he employed a few more staff.......

  Sapins 14:42 30 Jul 2004

I knew it, it's personal, he's too busy to even send me those updates norman47, and I have automatic updates on! So, he's a tad busy is he, he can't be all that busy if he leaves people out of the critical updates thingymajig can he?

I did ask someone once how many people worked for Mr.Gates and he said about half of them, so that might explain things :-))

Still, its nice to know that he converses with some people.

  [DELETED] 23:00 30 Jul 2004

Can we have an 'Ask Bill' forum?

  Forum Editor 00:45 31 Jul 2004


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