MPs vote to keep homes expenses

  peter99co 22:30 03 Jul 2008

They took all the nice bits of the package but not the ones they didn't like. They took the spoonful of sugar but refused the medicine

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  laurie53 08:17 04 Jul 2008

Had I been given the opportunity I would have done the same.

So, I suspect would many of us.

As I've said before, it is up to us, their constituents, to deny them that opportunity.

  interzone55 08:59 04 Jul 2008

My reading of this is that the alternative to the "John Lewis list" which is capped at £23,000, was a £24,000 grant - so surely they've actually done themselves out of a grand a year (even more in most cases, as on average MPs claimed less than £20,000), or where there strings attached to the grant...

  newman35 12:31 04 Jul 2008

It was to be expected - the sheer gall of our MPs is breathtaking.

To know the 'esteem' in which the public hold them, and then to refuse to take their snouts out of the trough is simply confirming their greed (" Oh no, we only do this job to help our fellow men". Where have we heard that?) And this at a time when the rest of society will be having a couple of years struggling to pay the bills - I cannot think of a way to alienate the public more.

The only reason I can see is that the Labour Ministers, who voted this through, have decided they will need to 'replenish' as much as they can, in their second homes, since many will be selling them after the next election!! Nice bonus, though.

  Cymro. 13:09 04 Jul 2008

I sometimes despair at some of the things these people get up to. Have they no idea of what they have done to their own public image?. It so happens that I had a certain amount of respect for them and have even defended them on this forum from time to time. But to be so blatant in their greed is close to unbelievable.

I blame the party leaders for a lot of this. It was their place to make sure that all MPs voted to transfer powers for such things to an independent body who would in future decide on the pay and expenses of MPs. All party leaders must get together and put their own disagreements aside and then sort this matter out not for their own benefit or even for the benefit of the country but for the good name of parliament and democratic government.

  newman35 13:27 04 Jul 2008

Possibly the most worrying aspect about 'internal' audit of expenses is that the Speaker, himself, was embroiled in the expenses row not too long ago - and he will, doubtless, now be the final arbiter!!

Still, the Press will have a field day with the FOI Act from now on, I suppose.

  newman35 15:26 04 Jul 2008

Just seen Gordo on the news, saying that he is unhappy with the vote and will be looking at this again!! So why was he not voting and leading by example (and telling all those Ministers of his to toe the line?). Just a tactic to get it through for another year or two till some 'committee' has looked at it all again - pure cynicism from the PM. No wonder the country has turned against him - he could have said what he wanted and told them they had better do it - but he lacks the bottle.

  Cymro. 15:33 04 Jul 2008

So what have the other party leaders to say for themselves about all this then?

  Quickbeam 16:05 04 Jul 2008
  day2strike 16:15 04 Jul 2008

Whats the problem, MP's are doing no wrong here.
These are allowances that they are allowed to apply for and get money for various things, OK yes it's been abused by some recently but they are doing no wrong.

If people dont like what their MP is doing, then dont vote for them!

  peter99co 17:18 04 Jul 2008

We know they are doing no wrong, its the way they go about it. Do they think we do not care? They say they get paid to make big decisions, well do they give some back if they get it wrong then. I don't think so. Feather the nest while they can, because we are on to them.

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