MP's and their strenuous workload

  User-B4AC5E45-C5DF-44A7-80B2B7B8113A6C82 18:08 14 Nov 2010

I was just thinking that it can't be such a hard job if one can devote one's time to being an MP in London and, at the same time, giving one's all to Brussels as an MEP, I believe Ian Paisley juggled these two positions while getting two salaries.

Now along comes Gerry Adams (he, of course, has to go one better) as well as having a seat in Westminster and one in the Northern Ireland Assembly now, it appears he will seek a seat in the Dail in Dublin! When do these guys ever sleep, or is counting their money relaxation enough?

Isn't Paisley ALSO a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly? I guess that also makes 3 salaries.

  interzone55 08:43 16 Nov 2010

Can I just point out that sitting in session at Westminster is only part of an MPs work.

For most MPs constituency work takes up most of their time.

A friend of mine used to be an MP, he stood down in 2005 due to ill health. Answering mail used to take up at least 8 hours a day for himself and his assistant. As his constituency was geographically diverse he also had 4 separate sites for constituency meetings as well.

So for any of you who say we have too many MPs, there's 60 million people in this country, so that's almost 100,000 people per MP, and many of them write to their MP each & every week, often over trivial matters, but each and every letter has to be read and responded too...

  johndrew 10:14 16 Nov 2010

"I see that Adams is standing down from Westminster in order to stand in Eire."

Given the state of the Irish economy he may need all the other salaries he claimed in the past to tide him over ;-))

  Strawballs 10:20 16 Nov 2010

Lets not talk about his past we might as well allow Bin Laden to sit in the house.

  carver 10:29 16 Nov 2010

MPs workload has increased so much over the past few months and it's all our fault, they now have to work out how to fiddle their expenses without it showing.

It's getting so hard for them to make an honest living at our expense.

  donki 11:26 16 Nov 2010

He is standing down from all his positions in Stormount and he has never set foor in Westminster he will move down south if he is elected. The rumours over here are that he feels a bit left out with McGuinness in the role of Deputy First Minister. This is all being denied and he has stated that he wants to try and sort out the economical crisis in Dublin, I don't really know how he feels he is qualified to do this as his understaning of economics have always been seen to be weak.

Will be intresting to see how he gets on, the Sinn Fean member he is taking over from is well liked in his constituency and its seen as a strong Sinn Fean seat (one of the few they have in the the south).

  jakimo 11:48 16 Nov 2010

'Answering mail used to take up at least 8 hours a day for himself and his assistant.'

You must have come down with last nights rain!

that is unless they (your MP friend and assistant) are dyslectic.

On the other hand,if MPs follow their ten point instructions on how to change a light bulb, click here then you may be right after all about letter reading taking them eight hours a day

Incidentally the current government rightly so,has stated that they do intend to reduce the number of MPs to 600

  spuds 12:10 16 Nov 2010

If I understand this correctly, Gerry Adams will receive a Westminster 'retirement' allowance, plus an allowance for moving staff and office?.

Looking at a television program on yesterdays Channel 4 - Riding Europe's Gravy Train, might just about sum things up with some of the elected MEP's and possibly the UK's own MP's of the past (if the little book as been re-written)?.

'Milking the system' by some, seems to be an academic art.

  Bingalau 12:21 16 Nov 2010

That will be 500 too many... What's the ratio of U.S. Senators to people in their constituencies I wonder?

  interzone55 12:23 16 Nov 2010

Are you personally acquainted with an MP?

The MPs that actually got in the job for the public good rather than line their pockets actually do spend huge amounts of time on correspondence.

They also not all spending loads of time fiddling expenses either, just a few MPs have tarred them all with the same brush.

The MP I'm referring to was consistently in the bottom 15 for expenses claims and never claimed a penny in second home expenses for his London flat. I know this is true because I checked out the details on click here

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